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Leaving Something Behind: Art Installation by Aimee Buyea
On view Friday December 9 to January 1
Artist Reception Wednesday December 28th 7-9PM | INVITE
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30 PM, during events and by appointment.

Sugar City is proud to present an installation by Sugar Citizen and co-founder Aimee Buyea. Since 2011, Aimee has been creating decorative sculptures out of used paper, referred to as “cone balls.” These sculptures, never before formally exhibited, have crept up hanging from Sugar City’s back ceilings, in alley ways, trees and above cupboards. For this exhibit the piece is just as subtle and will morph while on view.

The balls are made from sheets of paper that most people would recycle. The type of ephemera that you don’t often think of holding on to but still holds meaning and the keys to one’s personal history. The artist has often viewed these as a way to make a space more fantastical by filling an underused area with color, form and texture. While simple and repetitive to make—roll, tape, punch, and string—the process is extremely cathartic. For this exhibit, Aimee encourages visitors to cut a cone off the ball and see what is printed on the paper. Collected papers have been saved from 2011 to the present, and range from meeting notes, doodles, bills, resumes, leases, maps, instructions and more!


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Fri 12/9 5:30-7:30 | Open Gallery Hours

Sat 12/10 5:30-11PM | MUSIC | $10 presale, $12 at the door | INVITE Crooked Gener8ion (Buffalo, NY Grunge/Rock), Improbable Cause (Buffalo, NY Indie/Pop), Winski (Buffalo, NY Acoustic), The Black Hats (Buffalo, NY Grunge/Rock)

Fri 12/16 5:30-7:30 | Open Gallery Hours

Fri 12/16 7-10PM | READING | $5 suggested | Peach Mag Presents: Benefit Reading for Journey’s End |INVITE International Day of Poetry Benefit Shows with a benefit reading in support of Journey’s End. READERS (more TBA!) Eve Williams Wilson, Marina Blitshteyn, Alana Kelley, RE Katz, Eric Richardson, Scott W. Williams, Matthew Bookin, Rachelle Toarmino WITH ARTWORK/BOOKS DONATED BY (more TBA!) Nick Torsell, Marina Blitshteyn, Alana Kelley To register to read, donate books or artwork, or for more information, contact

Mon 12/19 6-10PM | MUSIC | $5 presale, $7 at the door | INVITE Keep Flying (NJ // PA // LI | Pop Punk), Pointless Pursuit (Buffalo, NY Grunge Rock) sleepyhouse (Buffalo, NY acoustic/indie), The Search & Find (Buffalo, NY Pop/Rock)

Fri 12/23 5:30-7:30 | Open Gallery Hours

Weds 12/28 7-9PM | Artist Reception | INVITE Leaving Something Behind: Art Installation by Aimee Buyea

Fri 12/30 5:30-7:30 | Open Gallery Hours

Tues 1/3 7:30-8:30 MEETING | Monthly Open Meeting: Are you interested in getting involved with programming at Sugar City? Would you just like to volunteer? Or maybe you are just curious about how we manage this an endeavor? Are you a current volunteer that wants to dive deeper into programming? WELL come out to our open monthly meeting! | Need YOU to come get involved!

Weds 1/11/17 6pm-10PM | $5 | MUSIC | INVITE Hexamatastrophe (Buffalo, NY, Eclectic Theater), Digital Afterlife (Buffalo, NY, Alternative Electronic), MAAPS (Buffalo, NY, Ambient Electronic), Such Is Life (Buffalo, NY, One Man Post Rock)

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Tues 12/6 7:30-8:30PM | MEETING | INVITE Monthly Open Meeting: Are you interested in getting involved with programming at Sugar City? Would you just like to volunteer? Or maybe you are just curious about how we manage this an endeavor? Are you a current volunteer that wants to dive deeper into programming? WELL come out to our open monthly meeting! | Need YOU to come get involved!

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Food Wars: Photo Exhibit by Mike Rosario
Opening Thursday December 1 7-9PM
On view until December 6th.
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30 PM, during events and by appointment.

After a very successful show last year titled Bittersweet, Artist Mike Rosario presents: Food Wars. Which investigates the relation between race and food and the way we use them to disfranchise other cultural & ethnic groups. This visual representation focus on showing what our words does actually look like if we were to see them before we direct them at others.

This is not just photos about food, each subject will be contextualized in a manner that is very satisfying to the viewer. The series of photographs will stand independently from each other. At the same time will work cohesively to explore a very divisive topic for which all of us at one point or another have experience it.

As well as being an artist Mike Rosario is a commercial photographer that specializes in wedding, event and portrait photography.

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Sat 11/26 6-11PM | MUSIC | $5 | INVITE |
HARSH NOISE /// Black Bloc Record Release! Black Bloc has recorded its first album in over 6 years and will unleash it along with some honored guests and long standing allies.

BLACK BLOC (Fredonia NY) – Absolutely emotionally overwhelming suicidal heavy electronics that will leave the room speechless and drained.

PLAGUES (Grand Rapids, MI) – Haunted and haunting electronics mixing harsh noise, ambient and power electronics. Plagues delivers an audio journal of a broken man defeated by life.

DETERGE (Pittsburgh, PA) – Deterge has been a long and well established member of the power electronics scene. Always harsh, never afraid, and never dull. Runs the Fusty Cunt label/ No Coast. No Hope.

HAMARTIA (Buffalo, NY) – An individual dealing with his own demons through audio and visual devastation. A unique, community droven exercise in creation through destruction.

FLESH TRADE (Buffalo, NY) – A Buffalo staple of harsh noise and electronics. Mixing harsh noise, loops and feedback for some intense moments. Gets better every time.

STOP PRAYING AND BE AFRAID (Buffalo, NY) – Martial industrial that is deeply personal from a one woman wrecking force.

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Sat 11/12 11am-6pm | Buffalo Zine Fair | FREE | INVITE
Sugar City and Gutter Pop Comics are proud to present BUFFALO ZINE FAIR. This event celebrates self-publishing and hand-made D.I.Y culture. PRINTED MEDIA IS NOT DEAD. Let us rebel against library closings, newspaper downsizings, and e-readers by celebrating good old-fashioned physical handmade print media!

/// All Things Ordinary | Perzine |
/// American Barbarism | Comic
/// Amy Lynn Duengfelder | Comic |
/// Bad Drone Media | Art, Writing, Music |
/// Black Shell Press | Letterpress |
/// Carolyn Perillo | Illustration |
/// Changri-La Comics | Comics |
/// Charlie Best | Art, Illustration, Poetry |
/// Crapandemic | Perzine, lgbtq, Music, Mental Illness |
/// CWPCollective Press | Poetry Chapbooks
/// Depression | Comics
/// Emma Percy | Eco, DIY, art |
/// Francesca Austin and Zahra Lahrache | Poetry and Art |
/// Goda! | Comics, Health |
/// Great Moments in Western Civ Comics | History, Comics |
/// Grosofsky Publishing | Coloring books |
/// Hypnotic Dog Comics | Horror comedy |
/// Just Buffalo Writing Center | Buffalo youth writing |
/// KatydidArt, | Art |
/// Magic House Press | Poetry, Photography, Art |
/// Max Weiss | Comics |
/// Mixed Messages Zine | Art, collage |
/// National Teenset Outsider Zine | punk, art |
/// One Percent Press | Comics |
/// Out of Time Press | Art |
/// The Panoptic Press | Comics |
/// Pj 88 Design | Coloring Book |
/// POPPress/Rezin | Perzine, Poetry, Art
/// Return To Snakeland | Comic |
/// Teeth/ Fredonia Zine Squad | Eclectic

What is a zine?
“A zine (pronounced “zeen,” like “magazine”) is a self-published, small circulation, non-commercial booklet or magazine, usually produced by one person or a few individuals. Zines come in all shapes, sizes, topics, and formats. Most zines are photocopied, but they can
also be printed offset, like a magazine or newspaper. Zines range from handwritten and sloppy to cut-and-paste (text pasted on top of background images) to artsy with handmade touches to produced on a computer with a professional looking layout. Zines may incorporate screenprinting, linoleum cuts, and hand-stitched bindings. Most zines have print runs of a couple dozen to a few hundred copies.

In a zine, you might find typos, improper grammar, and brilliant or radical or just plain honest ideas that you don’t normally see in Time, Newsweek, or People. A zine can be about whatever subject its creator decides upon, or it may contain a variety of subjects and writing styles within the same issue. Zines can include personal essays, political discussions, fiction, craft or do-it-yourself advice, articles about music or movies, comics, poetry, reviews – anything under the sun, really. Zines are personal and idiosyncratic. The best thing about zines is this: There are no rules. “ -Description from Grand Rapids Zine Fest

About Gutter Pop Comics:
Recently opened over the summer, Gutter Pop Comics is focused on showcasing the wide breadth of the comics medium: everything from classic cartooning, to underground zine culture, to the most celebrated comics in popular culture. Gutter Pop aims to help support the burgeoning comics and self-publishing scene in Buffalo through event organizing and publishing assistance. Currently at 1028 Elmwood Ave, hours are 11am – 7pm, Wednesday – Sunday.

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