As some of you have certainly heard: The BB-INN (baltimore at buffalo) x-change is coming to town!

B Be In (aka BB-INN) is an experimental intercity artist exchange program. First start – Baltimore @ Buffalo!
2 days and 2 nights of music, meals, coffee, videos, presents, bike rides, performances, dancing, presentations, talking, hospitality, and community.

For sure!! Come and exchange (share) your own work via dvd, cd, vhs — etc. etc. please do!!! This is about building a network between “2nd” cities and media makers.

(though donations are certainly accepted)

This schedule is likely to alter slightly but will look like this:

Thursday April 16:
Media Art and the Gallery World 5-7PM, Room 286 Center for the Arts. Surprise Baltimore film screening and project presentation.
7-? PM “infrastructure mobility”: bring equipment, tables. bikes, drums to Sugar City:

Friday April 17:
Baltimore people get into rental cars and leave town by 10:00 AM to arrive by 6PM with bathroom breaks. go!
6PM Arrive at Sugar City
8PM – 11PM Performances at Sugar City with a get-together afterwords
aghost (b’more)
Whispers for Wolves (b’more – might move to sat show at soundlab)
Aimee Buyea (a graduate of DMS! — b-lo (video)
Al Larsen (b-lo)
Sullivan Sheehan (b-lo) on call and response robots
Rainbow Wreaths (b’more)
Mark Brown videos (b’more)
John the Gentleman (b-lo)
Wendy Carlos Williams (b-lo)
Zev (b-lo)

Saturday April 18
12PM – 2PM Bagels at Sugar City
+ freeform town exploration via bike, thrifting, etc.
[insert your cool idea for things to show our visitors from baltimore]
-pat cane of b-lo gives tour of garden

Microcosm press workshops and stuff at Sugar City. and

5PM Coffee/Snacks and “Over, Up, Down, or Through?” A Baltimore/Buffalo roundtable talk with Al Larsen.

8:30PM Load in at Soundlab for show (all performers should set-up as much as they can)
9:30PM Soundlab:
Blackmoth videos
Russell Pascatore (reading) ~9:45
Blue Leader (video/perf) ~10:00
Jack Topht & the Vegetables (music) ~10:15
Dream Neighbor ~10:35
Fashion Expo 1990 ~11:05
Cex (?) or Whispers for Wolves ~11:35
Bev Beverly ~12:05
Tony Conrad (perhaps earlier in lineup) ~12:35

Sunday April 19:
Susie Huftless on causal relationships + how we are all going to die
Kyle Butler (b-lo) (video)
Kari Altmann (b’more)
Hermonie with videos (b’more)
Pat Caine (b-lo) + Nettles (handmade instruments)

—gift exchange between b-lo and b’more folks—BRING SOMETHING TO SHARE!!!

5-6PM everyone goes home dreaming and planning the next gift-x-change.

keep bb-inn!

This project was made possible by the SUNY Buffalo Graduate Student Association and the DMS GSA.  Special thanks to Buffalo Blue Bicycle, Sugar City, and Soundlab.