10 Baltimore artists are coming to Buffalo to perform
alongside 10+ Buffalonians.  This first incarnation of the B Be In
artist exchange program brings creative thinkers together for  2 days
and 2 nights of music, meals, performances, coffee, bike rides,
presentations, hospitality, and community.  Everyone is welcome, and
all events are free, but donations will be gratefully accepted. We
hope that this will be the first of many inter-city cultural Be-Ins!

The schedule of events is below:

Friday April 17, 8-11PM: Performances and videos at Sugar City, 19
Wadsworth Street, Buffalo.

aghost (b’more)
Aimee Buyea (b-lo) video
Al Larsen (b-lo)
Sullivan Sheehan (b-lo) with call and response robots
Rainbow Wreaths (b’more)
Mark Brown  (b’more) video
John the Gentleman (b-lo)
Wendy Carlos Williams (b-lo)
Zev (b-lo)

Saturday, April 18

5Pm @ Sugar City Coffee/Snacks and “Over, Up, Down, or Through?” A
Baltimore/Buffalo roundtable talk with Al Larsen and Melissa Moore.
9:30PM: Performances and video at Soundlab
Blackmoth (b-lo) videos
Russell Pascatore (b-lo)
Blue Leader (bmore) video/performance
Jack Topht & the Vegetables (b-lo)
Dream Neighbor (b’more)
Fashion Expo 1990 (b-lo)
Whispers for Wolves (b’more)
Bev Beverly (b-lo)
Tony Conrad (b-lo)

Sunday, April 19, 2-5PM: Talks and presentations and presents at Sugar City

Susie Huftless (b’more)) on Causal Relationships + how we are all going to die
Kyle Butler (b-lo) video
Kari Altmann (b’more)
Hermonie Williams (b’more) on Love vs. Noise
Pat Caine  +  Olivier = Nettles (b-lo)

This project was made possible by the SUNY Buffalo Graduate Student
Association and the DMS GSA.  Special thanks to Buffalo Blue Bicycle,
Sugar City, and Soundlab.