Pat Kewley is Great.


Opening Reception April 26 @ 1:30 PM, Directly Before Sunday Soup

Reclusive local artist and crackpot Pat Kewley has been warming the cockles of Buffalo hearts for as long as anyone cares to remember. His childlike and heartwarming artwork has long been known for its singular effect on the warm, oozy areas inside people, where emotions and things live, as well as the itchy, flaky areas of people’s scalps and elbows, where the ancient Greeks believed Reason resides. It is in this nexus that the artwork of Pat Kewley makes its world. Also, there are robots.

Unlike so many, Pat Kewley has not shied away from the fantastic, controversial, and terrible in his artistic subjects, which have included fish who wear glasses, the legendary “architeuthis” squid of the Pacific rim, robots smashing flaming exploding zeppelins, and General Zachary Taylor, the only U.S. President who never voted.

Pat Kewley is honored to share the news that Buffalo’s brave and venerable Sugar City gallery will be displaying a gaggle of his illuminating original paintings of robots, animals, U.S. Presidents, and things that are not any of those first three things. Also on hand will be a number of serviceable minicomics, and his new nonfiction book “Notable Failures in Buffalo History”, whose title is self-explanatory and which has been described as “not pretentious at all”.

You’ve read the pundits. You’ve heard what your friends have to say. Before you make your final judgment, come on down and find out the truth for yourself. Pat Kewley is an aching man, so full of life and love. Won’t you let him share his love with you?