Current State of Sugar City

Press Release:

The current state of Sugar City

Sugar City has been pressured by city inspection officials to discontinue our live music programming and our Sunday Soup series. While waiting to receive an official letter of the allegations Sugar City has decided to suspend live music shows. In the spirit of transparency that our organization tries to uphold we wanted to send an official statement about the situation. We have found new locations for the next week of shows and are committed to honoring our preexisting bookings in some manner for as long as necessary. We are thankful that our project is well supported by the Buffalo community as a whole. As a result of our good nature and community building local music and art venues have stepped forward to give us support. Members of Sugar City are gathering information, speaking with attorneys, city officials and national organizations for all-ages spaces in preparation to counter the issues being raised. In the near future we may ask members of the Buffalo community to sign a petition and/or write letters of support to let the city know how important an alcohol/smoke free all-ages space is for the local music and art scene. You can email us any questions at