An Interactive Space for Families

On September 11th, 2009, Sugar City will host “An Interactive Space for Families”: an evening of contemporary art by Joesph Bochynski entitled, “New Suburban Landscapes” accompanied by performances by C. Frances Fallon and Tom Van Deusen.

Gallery Opening:New Suburban Landscapes Paintings by Joe Bochynski
“New Suburban Landscapes” features an insider’s perspective of the refuse of the American Dream complete with cars, strip-malls, dumpsters, and loading docks. These elements become symbols of the sentiments that dot the suburban mental landscape, and that Bochynski has internalized from experience: Sentiments such as irony, emptiness, contradiction, desire and frustration, simple ugliness and ridiculousness. The paintings reflect what one could see and feel when traversing the suburbs, but what one may not want to focus on in favor of tree-lined streets and a feeling of safety. This idealized environment for families often lacks real human interactions and promotes superficial community development.

Rearing your tween: parenting seminar by Tom Van Deusen. 7 PM.
Watch as artist TVD pontificates on a subject he knows absolutely nothing about: parenting. Assisted by an elaborate slideshow and soundtrack, every difficult and trying aspect of raising a child in their “tween” years is tackled, from dealing with bullies to the disgusting changes going on in their bodies. Advice is given that is darkly humorous if not permanently damaging.

You Know This Girl Presented by C. Frances Fallon. 8 PM.
A one woman comedy about the depths of shallowness. Come meet Courtney. She’s not a bad person, she’s just painfully familiar. Follow Courtney from Spanish class, to beer pong, to reality television audition tapes as she typifies an all too familiar American culture.

WARNING: “An Interactive Space for Families” contains adult material, language and partial nudity. Not suited for families.

Open hours: Fridays 6 to 8 PM, Saturdays 12 to 2 PM – and by appointment Sep. 11th to Oct. 2nd.