For one night only, Buffalo’s favorite artspace and multi-use funplex Sugar City invites you to their very own ZAIREEKA LISTENING PARTY. Experience the majestic psychedelic freakout that is the Flaming Lips’ legendary ZAIREEKA album as it was meant to be heard on Friday Sept 25 at 8pm at Sugar City (19 Wadsworth St).

For those who don’t know, ZAIREEKA is an experimental album by the Flaming Lips that consists of 4 separate CDs meant to be played simultaneously on four separate sound systems. The result is an album unlike any other ever recorded. Due to differences in timing (CD players do not play in perfect sync), sound sources, speaker arrangement, and different rooms, ZAIREEKA is never the same twice and can only be experienced in person. Orchestras crescendo behind you while swarms of insects whirl around on either side of you, until three synced-up drum solos emerge from six different directions, which then drift in and out of sync with each other. Be ready for some of the strangest and most unique music you’ve ever heard.

Due to the logistics of playing four CDs at once, ZAIREEKA is inherently a social listening experience that can only be heard properly by a group of people getting together and having fun. There will be Christmas lights, projections, and other surprises. So come hang out in Sugar City’s comfy space and freak out to the mindbending sounds of ZAIREEKA. The event is FREE, although as always Sugar City will be accepting donations for the generous use of their space and equipment. For best results, bring a boombox, a friend, a costume, a flashlight, and/or yer brain.

Also, stick around afterwards for a screening of Jeff Krulik’s hilarious cult documentary HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT (1986). One of the great rock movies of all time, HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT consists of 2 men, 1 video camera, and 20,000 tailgating Judas Priest fans who very much want you to know that punk sucks, Priest is the baddest, and metal will always rule.

Take a taste here:

It’s an unstoppable night of RAW ROCK ACTION. DO NOT MISS.