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” Give ’em Sugar

On Monday, Sugar City will welcome three artists from the Pacific Northwest to its cozy confines at 19 Wadsworth St. in Allentown. Billed as a showcase for the influential independent label K Records, the show will feature performances by Lake, Karl Blau and Curious Mystery, all of whom record for K, and most of whom hail from Olympia, Wash.

Founded by musician Calvin Johnson, K records is emblematic of the true indierock ethos. Lake, for example, has recorded 12 albums since forming in 2005, which is more than most bands manage to craft across the expanse of an entire career. With the middle man taken out of the equation, and supply created to match demand, not vice versa, the K crew crafts music at its own pace, for the sheer thrill of it all.

Lake’s latest, “Let’s Build a Roof,” is also indie in execution, not just intent. The record blends the melodic contours of seminal alt-rock to the jangly guitars and atmospherics of art-pop, in the process crafting a recording that is to modern indie-rock what Dr. Seuss is to kids’ literature. Child-like, brightly colored, enthralled with its own imagination.

Like Lake, with whom he has performed and recorded, Karl Blau has spent his career marching to a different drummer. Listening to his work is like taking a tour through a music historian’s library, so prevalent is the man’s creative wanderlust, and so delightfully difficult is his music to pigeonhole.

Don’t worry, though, things won’t get too rootsy on Monday. Seattle’s the Curious Mystery will see to that with its nigh-on-avant-garde mash-up of ’60s psychedelia, alt-country minimalism, and just plain weirdness.

The shenanigans will commence at 7 p. m. sharp, and will wrap at 10 p. m. on the nose, so come on time. Admission is $6 at the door. “