Sugar City presents:
Exhibition: Tuesday, December 1st through Thursday, December 3rd 2009
Opening: December 1st 7 to 10 pm, artists in attendance

Sugar City is presenting the work of two established student artist’s Brielle Simone Greenberg and Nicole June Wurstner. Both artists deal with the self and the different personas they reflect and fabricate. They explore their inner characters and express them through visual presentation.

Brielle Simone Greenberg’s work, Come And See, visually reflects the confusion and the difficulty one faces when trying to escape his or her past. With the use of pixilated imagery and mirrors, her artwork invites the viewer to see a visual deterioration and to witness what is exposed thereafter.

Brielle Simone Greenberg is a fine art student at The University At Buffalo. She works within the various mediums of photography, sound, and film. Her themes tend to deal with the self and psychology.

Nicole June Wurstner’s work, Epitomic Anatomies, consists of an ethereal scene of sculptural configurations of the woman and the self. The construction of the sculptures, primarily based on actual human height,
coil and intertwine with each other in search for the embodiment and ownership of a body. The sculptures are covered in various fabrics correlating instances of sexual objectification and the conscious apprehension of sexualization.

Nicole June Wurstner studies Fine Art as an undergraduate at The University at Buffalo. Her artwork largely focuses on connotations of the self. Her selection of mediums varies from photography, sculpture, and installation based work.