Sugar Ciy zine making party @ Buffalo Small Press Fair
planning meeting
Wednesday, March 10
8:00pm – 10:00pm
sugar city

we need your help for this year’s Buffalo Small Press Fair Saturday March 27th!!!!

Sugar City needs volunteers for our table and our all-day zine making event!!!!!!!!!

above image is the beautiful zine Tom Van Deusen designed for Sugar City to present at the Small Press Fair in 2009

THIS YEAR’S PLAN: a zine by the people, for the people called: by the people, for the people

Inspired by our pals Hit Factorie we will make a collaborative zine in ONE DAY!
This is a cyclical event where participants can contribute their artistic talents, learn some cool zine making/binding techniques and help the space live long and prosper!

Partcipants each design 1-2 pages for Sugar City’s 2010 zine (we will provide art supplies and etc). Everyone that contributes will leave their name and email address and they will get a free copy of the zine (when they are mass produced) and they will be invited to the zine binding party where we will pump out over 100 copies of the zine to be sold at the space, our next fundraiser party, the Allentown art fest, distributed to zine libraries and more!!!

to come to the planning meeting to:
1. plan this project
2. list/gather/donate supplies
3. sign up to volunteer to man the table and smile at the small press fair
4. meet a few days before the small press fair to make signs and get the supplies all set.

so please come and tell your friends about our cooool ideas.

ps don’t forget about our cooooool sunday soup grant program this sunday 2.27 at 7pm…