Friday June 4th

APEX: Abstract paintings by A D Donovan and Felice Koenig
June 3 – June 14 2010
Opening Friday, June 4, 2010

A D Donovan and Felice Koenig are two very different abstract painters, but choose to show together in the belief that when their work is installed in the same space an enriched dialogue is created. This dialogue is imbued with subtlety and much like a dialogue between friends. There is a lyrical quality created in the space between the patient nature of Donovan’s work and the kinetic energy of Koenig’s work. This lyrical quality is like the cadence of a poem or the music created with two very different instruments — Donovan’s instrument being the bell and Koenig’s instrument being a xylophone.

As part of Allentown First Friday Gallery Walk