Monday, July 19, 2010 7:30PM
NOMEN NOVUM, THE BEBES KIDS REUNION AND LULLDOZER, the sweetest, weirdest most underground show of the year! You will NOT read about this in Artvoice (unless we get that), This will be the most intimate and interesting show you will goto all summer. Are you afraid of intimacy??

$3 Suggested Donation, Seriously, show up around 7:30,.

NOMEN NOVUM: Not Eclectic. Not Indie. Not American. But, All of the Above. Nomen Novum works harder than Joan Rivers and makes better shit than Van Dyke Parks. He advised Panda Bear and Warren Buffet both to not get jobs, and he was right because he will always be right and His Wits Will Make Your Temples Shiver! And His Chops Will Make Your Simples Quiver!
full album: http://www.nomennovum.net/

BEBES KIDS (REUNION): Hey, my name is Zach (ex-Gewgaws) and I live in Buffalo. I used to play in a band with David (Nomen Novum). It was called Bebes Kids. We played over a thousand shows in Atlanta, all improvised and all successful. We might, across the board, be the best improv band you have ever seen in your life. We are accessible to people that are not into jazz. David can play jazz. I can pretend. You will be won over. Lose yourself to our music.

LULLDOZER:Lulldozer is your capacity for jouissance. I mean, they will encapsulate your sensitivity to jouissance. I mean, it’s Buffalo, we want to talk like intellectuals but we just feel like dolphins on land. We feel like dolphins on lands. Every old blowhard should see some iteration of Lulldozer just once. Have you ever been in a moment? Yes, of course. But do it again.