Sunday Soup Review Closing Reception
Friday October 1st
Gallery Open 6-10PM
Presentations and Performances 7-9:30PM

Sunday Soup is a community driven and instantaneous micro-funding structure to provide money to small scale projects. Sugar City is proud to be the local host of this national movement. This will be the last chance viewing of our review. Past winners will present their ideas and there will be soup!

Liz Flyntz and Anna Schime are the most recent Soup Grant winners. They received funding to finish production of their Art Journal Erotic Economies. They will present some films from the DVD that accompanies the journal.

Jordan Dalton received funding for his Ecological Disaster Tour. In March Jordan led a field trip digging the buried secrets of Western New York’s heritage of environmental disaster and injustice. Starting with Love Canal, we spent the day traveling around the region, visiting radioactive and toxic waste burial grounds, ecologically and socio-economically abusive industries, and other sites of devastation. We were joined by eyewitnesses and activists, who provided more information about both the tragic history and hopeful future of the region.

Damian Weber received fundingfor his video remix series The Moomins (Voice-Over). The Moomins are the central characters in a series of books and a comic strip by Swedish-Finn illustrator and writer Tove Jansson. Damian has constructed a beautiful array of songs that are interwoven with the surreal footage of the original Claymation tv series.

Aimee Buyea will present on the international scope of the Soup Movement and its founders in Chicago, InCubate.

HOW IT WORKS: Sugar City shares delicious soup (vegan and vegetarian!) and other yummy accompaniments. You generously donate $5 to the future winning artists. Then, while we eat and relax artists will present their projects. Sunday Soup goers will select one artist to receive the donations collected that night.

Soup grants provide funding for small projects and a free show/ing at Sugar City. Projects can be anything such as fine art, media art, cooking, sewing, producing an album, whatever you can imagine using your creativity and imagination and would not be funded by traditional sources. The grants are completely unrestricted and will be awarded at the discretion of the attendees at Sunday Soup.. Sunday Soup is sweeping the country.

We have sister soups in Brooklyn, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Portland, New Castle, Kiev and MORE! Buffalo’s Sunday Soup has raised over $1300 so far!
Past Winners
-Tom Van Deusen “Rearing Your Tween”
-Madeleine Cutrona “Urban Biospy”
-Dietrich-Olivier Schulze “1,000 Tamborines” and Jordan Dalton “Ecological Disaster Tour”
-Damian Weber “The Moomins (Voice-Over).”

PHOTO of the SOUP Caucus that met in Portland Oregon May 2010 Representatives from allied soups around the country gathered together on the occasion of the Open Engagement conference at Portland State University at Paul Middendorf’s house including Grand Rapids Sunday Soup, Baltimore STEW, FEAST Philly and NYC, Detroit Soup, Buffalo Sugar City, Ann Arbor Love Factory Collective, Portland Stock and Sweet Tooth.