Wednesday 10.13 7-9PM
Call for artists!

For every t-shirt purchased, You and Who will donate a shirt to a local organization that helps those in need

You and Who sells T-Shirts to people that want to buy them, and donates them to people that need them. For every shirt we sell we will donate 1 shirt to one of the organizations we work with.

We’re looking for artists in the cities we have partner organizations in – we want to give the artist: a)exposure to their work – there will be a section on the site with bios of all artists and on the shirt detail page it will list a link to that artists bio on the site. b)the chance to make some money – $1/shirt sold will be paid to the designer of that shirt. Shirts will sell out at 1000 to make them limited editions, so the chance is there to make $1000. c)The artist gets a chance to help out their community as it’s their designed shirts that are donated to the organizations in their area. For example, if someone buys a shirt designed by a Buffalo artist, then that same shirt is donated to a Buffalo organization.

Initially we will be focusing on the following cities: San Francisco, Austin, Salt Lake City, Portland, and Seattle – I visited each of these cities in September of 2010. In October 2010 I plan to visit Chicago, New York City, Philadephia, Rochester, and I’ll have chance to focus on Buffalo, my hometown and where You and Who is located.

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