Thurs 3/16 6-9PM | ART RECEPTION | INVITE |

Buffalo FUN-A-DAY 2017
In the month of February over 60 people took up the task of having fun and being creative. Fun-a-Day is a project where people decided to do something everyday in the month of February and document it in someway. This art exhibit will display a wide range of projects from the participants. Previously projects have included drawings, photography, film making, swimming, quilting and a whole lot more. Come see what people were up to this year.

The exhibit is up through Friday April 7th, and is open to the public during gallery hours every Friday from 5:30-7:00, during any events, which can be found at www.buffalosugarcity.org, and by appointment.


The idea is to do something you think is fun or interesting, do it everyday in February and document it in someway. It could be drawing, photography, swimming, pillow making or anything you can imagine. The project can either be 28 individual pieces, or one piece. For example you could make a unique drawing everyday, or you could make one drawing and work on it everyday. When all is said and done, there will be an art opening of everyones projects on March 16th at Sugar City. Buffalo Fun-a-Day is Inspired by Philadelphia’s ArtClash Collective Fun-A-Day http://www.artclash.com/.