Child’s Love by Andie Jairam

Graphic Nature: Comic Art from Western New York
Artist Reception Thursday May 18 6-9PM | INVITE
On view from May 7th until May 30th
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30 PM, during events and by appointment.

Buffalo has been the home of a number of world-renowned graphic artists, including Spain Rodriguez, Tom Toles, and Steve Fiorilla, who have each left a mark on the city and the art schools that it hosts. This exhibit gathers the work of today’s generation of graphic artists residing in the Buffalo area. It traces how comic art in its various styles can create a sense of narrative through images, can trace the bending of perceived form through caricature, and can promote a revaluation of received notions of what constitutes high and low art. The exhibit features the artwork of Tom Van Deusen, Emily Churco, Kevin Delgado, Bobby Griffiths, Max Weiss, Caitlin Cass, Luckyanson Prak, Autumn McGee, Andie Jairam, and Salvatore Sciandra. Whether in exploring the mythology of super heroes or in celebrating the everyday in autobiographical comics, the artists included in this exhibit stimulate the creative dynamism that inhabits the medium of comic art. This exhibit also coincides with the Nickel City Comic Convention on May 19-21.

Tom Van Deusen and other artists will be selling comics and original art at the reception on May 18.

Tom Van Deusen is a cartoonist from Seattle, Washington. He is the writer of numerous comic books, including Scorched Earth, Eat, Eat, Eat and Now: That’s What I Call Comix v.1. His comics have appeared in The Seattle Weekly and online with Study Group Comics, Boing Boing and Vice.

Emily Churco is an illustrator, photographer, stuff-maker based in Buffalo, NY.
Kevin Delgado is an illustrator based in Buffalo, NY.
Bobby Griffiths is an illustrator and musician based in Buffalo, NY.
Max Weiss is an illustrator and musician based in Buffalo, NY.
Caitlin Cass makes comics, drawings and counterfeit historical exhibits inspired by failure throughout history. Her comics have also appeared in The Public and The Chicago Reader.
Luckyanson Prak is a digital illustrator and animator in the Buffalo area.
Autumn McGee is an illustrator and fine artist based out of Buffalo, New York.
Andie Jaram is a printmaker, illustrator and an MFA student at SUNY Buffalo.
Salvatore Sciandra is a comics writer & artist based in Buffalo, NY.