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Cristiano Pereira, “Selfie Steam 1”, 2014, digital print.

Contemporary Queer: Artists from the Gerald Mead Collection
Opening Reception Friday June 2 6-9PM | INVITE
On view June 2 – July 1, 2017
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30 PM, during events and by appointment.

Sugar City is pleased to announce “Contemporary Queer: Artists from the Gerald Mead Collection”, curated by Dana Tyrrell. The exhibit will feature work by contemporary LGBTQIA-identifying artists from Gerald Mead’s collection to highlight the cultural contributions of the gay community of Buffalo, New York. This exhibit features work by Steve Ardo, Eric Bellman, Lawrence Brose, Nick Butler, Craig Centrie, Jack Edson, Florian Ayala Fauna, Keith Gemerek, Jim Goodrich, Anthony Peter Gorny, Amy Greenan, Carlos Gutierrez-Solana, Andrew Hershey, Justin Higner, Scott McCarney, Dana McKnight, Tommy Nguyen, Alice O’Malley, Christiano Pereira, Paul Rybarczyk, Tara Sasiadek, Donald Situa, Peter Stephens, C.J. Szatkowski, Adam Weekley and Joe Ziolkowski.

This exhibit was made possible through the generous support of the Pride Center of Western New York and Gerald Mead.

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My 20th Year: A Retrospective in Polaroids- by Geri Lee

My 20th Year: A Retrospective in Polaroids by Geri Lee
Opening: Tuesday July 11, 5:00-8:00 PM | INVITE
On view: July 11 – July 22
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30 PM, during events and by appointment.

Physical Immediacy and impermanence.
I could try and justify this show with some deep contemplation of the polaroid as a medium and how my subject matter relates to life in general but i don’t want to sound like a prick when really it just is a trendy and easy yet expensive way to take selfies and shit.

I’m trying to gain some sort of understanding about my past year. You see so much every day let alone everything over the course of a year.

like the trendy version of my mother’s scrap booking.

look at it! look at it! i want you to look at it!

this was expensive.

who cares about my 20th year? sometimes i don’t. why should you?

explorations in composition color line etc
the relation of individual pictures to other pictures
they are not in chronological order. who thinks like that it’s all just a big mess of stuff from the past 365 days of my life.

i see things and i think that they are beautiful or interesting
i don’t know that anyone else even looks at them for real.


the title of the show pretty much sums it up in a literal sense. i don’t know.

Geri Lee is a recent graduate from the NCCC arts program and will be attending UB for painting in the fall of this year. They have previously displayed some of these polaroids in Sugar City’s 2017 Buffalo Fun-a-Day exhibition and will be shown later this summer at the Lewiston festival of the arts. Geri Lee is an organizer at Sugar City, and has recently became a docent at Niagara University’s Castellani Art Museum. This will be their first solo exhibition in the city of Buffalo.


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Tues 6/27 7-9PM | MEETING | INVITE Zine Team Meeting! Come join Sugar City’s new Zine Team, or just hang out. This is a meeting to get to know other people into zines and zine makers, to discuss such things as organizing the Buffalo Zine Fair, talk about the zine library, zine making workshops, readings and other such things. This is open to all people, and any level of involvement is okay.

Weds 6/28 7-9PM | READING | INVITE Socializing with Socialists: Intro to Karl Marx. The readings will be short, but the material is dense and there will certainly be a lot to talk about! Preamble and Chapter 1 of The Communist Manifesto. This can be found here. In order to help contextualize Marx’s seminal work, the group will also discuss Ben Hiller’s “Reading the Communist Manifesto Today,” which can be found here

Fri 6/30 5:30-6:30PM | ART | Closing Reception: Contemporary Queer | INVITE The reception will feature a walkthrough of our current exhibit by Collector Gerald Mead, with an introduction from Curator Dana Tyrrell.

Fri 6/30 7-10:30PM | MUSIC | $5 | INVITE | We The Heathens (WI, folk-punk), Escape From the Zoo (TX, ska-punk), BastardBastardBastard (Buffalo, NY thrash metal/punk), Rap And Destroy (Buffalo, NY rap/punk), S.T.D.(Buffalo, NY folk/punk acoustic)

Sat 7/1 6-11PM | MUSIC | $7 Presale : $10 @ Door | INVITE PRYM (Pop/Rock from Nashville), Nuke Fun (Pop/Rock from Buffalo, NY), Echota (Pop/Rock from Buffalo, NY), Ensemble Solitaire (Solo Acoustic from Buffalo, NY)

Weds 7/5 7:30-8:30PM | MEETING | INVITE Sugar City’s Open Meeting! Program, Volunteer, Collaborate! Are you interested in getting involved with programming at Sugar City? Would you just like to volunteer? Or maybe you are just curious about how we manage this an endeavor? Are you a current volunteer that wants to dive deeper into programming? Well come out to our open monthly meeting!

Fri 7/7 6:30-11PM | MUSIC | $8 | INVITE Rig Time (Wisconsin Doom/Sludge), Longest War (BFLO Heavy 90s hardcore), Old Ghosts (BFLO hardcore punk), Nine Layers Deep (BFLO Sludge Life), Squatch (BFLO Blurry photos)

Tues 7/11 6-9PM | ART OPENING | INVITE My 20th Year: A Retrospective in Polaroids- by Geri Lee

Weds 7/12 7-10PM | MUSIC | $5 | INVITE Relocated from Dreamland~ A couple Ohio-based bands are coming through for an awesome mid-week show. Come out and support a great multi-genre line up. Lung (Cincinnati, OH), Dandelion Hunter (Columbus/ Athens, OH), Tina Panic Noise (Buffalo), Lesionread (Buffalo)

Fri 7/14 5:30-7:30PM | GALLERY HOURS | FREE Stop by and see out current exhibit y 20th Year: A Retrospective in Polaroids- by Geri Lee

Fri 7/14 6:30-11PM | MUSIC | $8 | INVITE Harvey Pekar (Cleveland Sci-Fi FFO: ETID, Norma Jean), Gun Candy (BFLO hardcore punk for the weirdos), No Prevail (BFLO punk), Voice of Dissent (BFLO punk, kinda new)

Mon 7/17 7-10PM | MUSIC | $10 | INVITE Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts (NYC Anti-Folk), Multibird (Progressive pop folk, Rochester, NY), Jack Topht & Little Cake (BFLO Raps)

Tues 7/18 6:30-10PM | MUSIC | $12 | INVITE Have Mercy – Acoustic (Baltimore, MD, Alternative-Indie) Chase Huglin (Fort Wayne, IN Acoustic-Indie), Casey Bolles (Buffalo, NY Acoustic-Indie), Marigold (Buffalo, NY Acoustic-Indie)

Fri 7/21 5:30-7:30PM | GALLERY HOURS | FREE Stop by and see out current exhibit y 20th Year: A Retrospective in Polaroids- by Geri Lee

Fri 7/21 6-11PM | MUSIC | $10 Presale / $12 Door | INVITE Winski (Pop Punk Alternative out of Buffalo, NY), Crooked Gener8ion (Alternative Rock out of Buffalo, NY), Cardboard Homstead (Folk Rock out of Buffalo, NY), Anchor ( Pop Rock out of Rochester, NY), Nurse Joyful (Solo Acoustic out of Buffalo, NY)