On view: July 11 – July 22

My 20th Year: A Retrospective in Polaroids- by Geri Lee

My 20th Year: A Retrospective in Polaroids by Geri Lee
Opening: Tuesday July 11, 5:00-8:00 PM | INVITE
On view: July 11 – July 22
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30 PM, during events and by appointment.

Physical Immediacy and impermanence.
I could try and justify this show with some deep contemplation of the polaroid as a medium and how my subject matter relates to life in general but i don’t want to sound like a prick when really it just is a trendy and easy yet expensive way to take selfies and shit.

I’m trying to gain some sort of understanding about my past year. You see so much every day let alone everything over the course of a year.

like the trendy version of my mother’s scrap booking.

look at it! look at it! i want you to look at it!

this was expensive.

who cares about my 20th year? sometimes i don’t. why should you?

explorations in composition color line etc
the relation of individual pictures to other pictures
they are not in chronological order. who thinks like that it’s all just a big mess of stuff from the past 365 days of my life.

i see things and i think that they are beautiful or interesting
i don’t know that anyone else even looks at them for real.


the title of the show pretty much sums it up in a literal sense. i don’t know.

Geri Lee is a recent graduate from the NCCC arts program and will be attending UB for painting in the fall of this year. They have previously displayed some of these polaroids in Sugar City’s 2017 Buffalo Fun-a-Day exhibition and will be shown later this summer at the Lewiston festival of the arts. Geri Lee is an organizer at Sugar City, and has recently became a docent at Niagara University’s Castellani Art Museum. This will be their first solo exhibition in the city of Buffalo.