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Steve Ardo: Monsters
Opening Friday February 9th 6-9PM | INVITE
On View: February 9-March 14
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30PM, during events and by appointment.

Sugar City Art Gallery is pleased to announce Steve Ardo: Monsters, the first solo exhibit focusing upon the work of artist, graphic designer and local punk Steve Ardo. Monsters will serve as Ardo’s introduction to the wider public within Western New York, and the art community by and large. He has been an avid graphic designer and punk rock enthusiast since graduating from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree.

Ardo has participated in smaller group shows and several surveys of local artwork in the past – in venues such as Glow Gallery and the Western New York Book Arts Center (WNYBAC) – Monsters will be his first ever solo exhibit, allowing audiences to unpack and unravel his wide-ranging oeuvre and dive deep into his punk rock portfolio. Having worked outside of the mainstream gallery system and the concentric circles of contemporary art practice, Ardo’s work, like the artist himself, retains a sincere heart encircled by rough edges characteristic of many do-it-yourself, queer, punk kids from the City of Good Neighbors.

Monsters will focus upon several branches of Ardo’s multifaceted practice, including the “Buffalo (Hand)Bills” series, a series of hand bills, or fliers, produced on the fly for punk bands; his “Merch Guy” series, a suite of t-shirts designed, screen printed and distributed by Ardo for a number of local bands; and his “Paper Monsters” series, a set of layered, cut-paper creations evoking pop culture touchstones such as Pokémon and Digimon, alike. Additionally, there will be a selection of process works, ranging from sketches done on transparencies, pencil and ink gouaches, and selections from Ardo’s own sketchbook-cum-diary.

Inspired in equal measure by Buffalo’s DIY scene, punk bands, the aforementioned popular culture and the artwork of Keith Haring, Ardo’s work encapsulates the invaluable vigor outsider’s can bring to the fore within contemporary art; watering it and refreshing it anew with outside perspectives, and art gleaned from lonely days of introspection and heady nights of revelry, each. This exhibit also begins to grapple with what is beneath the surface of all of Ardo’s work; work made in the face of poverty, abjection and anxiety is as unfailingly buoyant as Mark Rothko’s signature clouds of pigment on canvas.

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Fun-A-Day Project by Sarah Jane Barry

Buffalo Fun-a-Day 2018
Opening: Thursday March 22nd | INVITE
On View: March 22nd- April 14th
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30 PM, during events and by appointment.

Sugar City Art Gallery is pleased to announce Buffalo Fun-a-Day 2018 a Group Exhibition

Fun-a-Day is the simple idea of doing something you think is fun or interesting, do it everyday in February and document it in someway. It could be drawing, photography, swimming, pillow making or anything you can imagine. The project can either be 28 individual pieces, or one piece. For example you could make a unique drawing everyday, or you could make one drawing and work on it everyday.

This is an exhibition of over 50 local creators who decided to partake and have fun everyday this past February.

Buffalo Fun-a-Day is Inspired by Philadelphia’s ArtClash Collective Fun-A-Day

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Sat 3/17 6:30-10PM | MUSIC | $5 | INVITE Times Like These (Long Island NY Pop Punk), When in Doubt (New Jersey Pop Punk), Sunday Brunch (Buffalo NY Alt Rock/Pop Punk), Major Arcana (Emo/Alt Rock)

Thurs 3/22 6-9PM | ART OPENING | FREE | INVITE Buffalo Fun-A-Day

Sat 3/24 7:30-10PM | READING | FREE | INVITE Essay Press reading, book launch, reading and celebration with EP authors Carla Harryman, Karla Kelsey, and Mary-Kim Arnold and local Buffalo poet Christina Vega-Westhoff

Tues 3/27 7-10PM | $5 | INVITE Jouska (Albany alt rock/emo), honey ( Bflo alt rock/emo), Be Locust Or Alone (Bflo ambient folk), Award Show (Bflo slowcore)

Sun 4/1 6-10PM | MUSIC | $10 | INVITE Sete Star Sept ( noisecore/grind from Japan), Beggin For Oxys (Toronto Power Violence), Scab Addict (Ithaca Noisecore), Machine Moon (Syracuse Harsh noise), Healer (Buffalo Hardcore/PV), God of Gaps (Harsh noise Buffalo), Hallucination Realized (Rochester Deathgrind)

Tues 4/3 7:30-8:30PM | MEETING | INVITE Would you just like to volunteer? Or maybe you are just curious about how we manage this an endeavor? Are you a current volunteer that wants to dive deeper into programming? Well come out to our open monthly meeting! Sugar City just entered year 4 of our 5 year lease at 1239 Niagara ST. WOOOWWEEEEEEEEE!!! Since Sugar City is all volunteer run we are always in need of help for events and are open to the community’s input for our programming.

Fri 4/6 6-11PM | MUSIC | $5 | INVITE Experimental Electronic Performance: MAAPS, The Archives Department, Leafy Trees, Eric Karros Prison Ministry, Hexamatastrophe