Sat 3/10 12-3PM | INVITE Queen City Music Lottery #5: The Drawing | In a nutshell, the Queen City Music Lottery is a showcase of “new” Buffalo area bands formed entirely at random!
These “new” bands must complete a few simple but super important tasks to remain eligible to perform in a final showcase Saturday June 2nd ! How does it work? To participate you must come to this SIGN UP meeeting. At the meeting all names of the willing participants will be DRAWN at RANDOM and you will be formed into a BAND! Once your band is formed you will have roughly 12 weeks to write a 15 minute set of music which your new band will perform at a showcase with all the other bands from the project. IMPORTANT-Bands ARE NOT chosen based on participants musical “skill” or what instruments they might play. ALL BANDS ARE FORMED AT RANDOM. For example: this means that any given band could consist of multiple members that primarily play guitar or maybe your band consists of people that normally play drums, or maybe no one in your band actual knows how to play anything and you are all complete strangers!!! The point is to met new people, play new instruments, and DO SOMETHING NEW AND FUN!