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Everything is Political by Matthew Coté
Reception: May 03, 6-9PM | INVITE
On view: April 16- May 04
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30 PM, during events and by appointment

This series of work, a culmination of work created during my graduate term at Edinboro University, is a journey of discovery about the politics of making a choice and finding a balance between the polarities of that choice. If there is anything I have learned from engaging in and creating politically charged work, it is that everything is political. It is a blanket statement that sometimes provokes people to roll their eyes, but there is truth to it. Politics can be seen simply as navigating interaction. We make choices based on our stature, how others perceive our choices, as well as the consequences of those choices. Our ability to discern the effect of our choices is political. Dealing with the consequences of those choices is political. Understanding our role and contribution to society is political.

I am motivated to create work that critiques politics and choices, while simultaneously expressing an understanding of the politics of choice. Through my work I mediate tensions, polarities, and divisions by using paradoxes, visual puzzles, and subliminal messages. It is my preference to use jewelry/metalsmithing to hone the message of my work rather than specifically strive to further the techniques of the medium.

Artist Bio: Born and raised in Tacoma, WA, Matthew Coté received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from Central Washington University, and his Associate of Arts and Sciences from Tacoma Community College. Never shying away from controversy, Matthew pursues subjects that may offend, however are meant to spark a greater discussion. He has an interest in using art for political activism, as well as broadening art outreach within a community. Currently, he is working to finish his MFA in Metalsmithing at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

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Charming Chillers Movie Poster Designs by Cassandra Chu
Opening: May 06, 6:00-9:00 pm
On view: May 06- May 12, 2018

Each movie genre frequently has specific design elements—colors, typography, layout, and imagery—that are associated with that genre. It serves to reinforce how the viewer is meant to interpret the content. Growing up as an artist surrounded by film enthusiasts and future directors, I spent a lot of time in small, run-down theaters watching the latest indie film whose name most people didn’t recognize. I always liked the dramatic cinematography and the romantic perspective of avant-garde films. The posters for those films blended quirky typefaces with subdued color palettes.

I admit that I am part of an anxious generation that is surrounded by constant negativity on the news and social media’s pressure to be perfect. Horror movies are so hyper-realistic now that it is hard to keep in mind that it’s not reality, and that parallels almost every other source of media that we consume. I decided to design a series of indie posters for iconic horror films, which would advertise them in a non-threatening way. For example, I have stripped objects of their meaning by making the ominous Psycho house millennial pink and putting an ornate frame around Jack Torrance’s typewriter from the Shining. I wanted to incorporate my style by digitally drawing most of my pieces, and I was inspired by minimalist design and film director Wes Anderson’s recognizable color schemes. Finally, I wanted to confuse the viewer so they would question the way information is presented to them and interpret it their own way.

Artist Bio: Cassie Chu is a graphic design student at Buffalo State College. She grew up going to art camp, making pottery and selling jewelry at festivals, but began university as a nursing major before embracing her true passion and studying design. She has a strong background in fine art and sketches most of her work by hand before digitally rendering it. Her style is still evolving but she likes to balance modern design with personal elements like hand drawn illustrations and quirky typefaces. She is particularly interested in advertising and branding, and has several side projects in the works including zines and hand lettered pieces. Charming Chillers will be her first solo show but she hopes to have more exhibitions in the future

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Mon 4/23 7-10PM | MUSIC | $5 | INVITE Terror Pigeon (Synth Punk Nashville, TN), White Rope (rock n’roll Brooklyn, NY), MEDUSA (Rap synth Bflo), Jack Topht (awesome rap Bflo), Eric Barry Drasin (Speed Metal PowerPoint Bflo)

Mon 4/30 7-10PM | MUSIC | $5 | INVITE Dirt War (Bflo Hardcore/Sludge/Metal), Pure Heel (Bflo hardcore/punk/DDTs), Grain Assault (Buffalo punk)

Tues 5/1 7:30-8:30PM | MEETING | INVITE Open Meeting: Program, Volunteer & Collaborate! Would you just like to volunteer? Or maybe you are just curious about how we manage this an endeavor? Are you a current volunteer that wants to dive deeper into programming? Well come out to our open monthly meeting! Sugar City just entered year 4 of our 5 year lease at 1239 Niagara ST. WOOOWWEEEEEEEEE!!! Since Sugar City is all volunteer run we are always in need of help for events and are open to the community’s input for our programming.

Thurs 5/3 6-9PM | ART RECEPTION | FREE | INVITE Everything is Political Artwork of Matthew Cotè

Fri 5/4 5-9PM | DANCE PARTY | $5 single/$10 family or supply donation | INVITE Resistance Dance Party: DJs Jennifer Page & Bill Page (Transmission) will be playing music to please families of all ages and to help raise money and collect donations for Haven House. “There are so many items that we require on a day-to-day basis as our shelter is usually full and at a moment’s notice we may need to serve a mom and her children who are fleeing an abusive situation. Items such as: TOPS/Wegmans gift cards, baby wipes, laundry detergent, (new) women’s socks and underwear (sizes 5-8) and hair brands such as: Ampro Style, Shine & Jam, Pink Oil Sheen BB Super Gro and Pink Lotion, are needed most frequently.” Link to donations needed

Sat 5/5 70-11PM | $12 adv / $14 dos | INVITE ‘68 (Atlanta, GA, Southern Rock), American Nosebleed (Buffalo, NY Hardcore-Rock), Squatch (Buffalo, NY Experimental Metal), Out Last (Buffalo, NY Metalcore)

Sun 5/6 6-9PM | ART OPENING | FREE | INVITE Charming Chillers Movie Poster Designs by Cassandra Chu

Mon 5/7 6-10PM | MUSIC | $8 adv/$10 | INVITE Letters To A Liar (metalcore Cleveland), Until We Fall (heavy metal Pittsburgh), BASH (metal Buffalo) , A Stranger to Remorse (metal Buffalo)

Fri 5/11 6-11PM | MUSIC | $10 General Presale, $12 Day Of Show | INVITE Taylor Phelan (Dallas, TX | Indie Rock), Mike Mains (Michigan | Indie Rock), KRXS (Buffalo, NY | Indietronic), Matthew Ruhl (Buffalo, NY | Acoustic), Michelle Lange (Buffalo, NY | Acoustic)

Sun 5/13 3-6PM | MUSIC | FREE | Selective Aggression (Buffalo hardcore XXX), War By Other Means (Buffalo hardcore First show FFO: Strife, Trial, OKD), Recognition (Buffalo First show FFO: Negative Approach)

Tues 5/15 6-9PM | Art Opening | INVITE Chorma Photographs by Emily Sniegowski

Weds 5/16 6-10PM | MUSIC | $5 | INVITE Stone Priest (Buffalo, NY, stoner rock), Squatch (Buffalo, NY, Progressive hardcore), Monte Luna (Austin, TX, psychedelic sludge rock)

Sat 5/19 6-11PM | MUSIC | $8 | INVITE Aspired Infliction (Buffalo metal), WHITETHRASH (Pittsburgh thrash), DredNeks (Olean punk/metal/country), ARCADIA (Buffalo punk)

Fri 5/26 7-11PM | MUSIC | $10 adv | INVITE Rick Maguire of Pile with Yazan