Chroma: Photographs by Emily Sniegowski
Opening: May 14, 6:00-9:00 pm | INVITE
On view: May 14- May 19, 2018
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30 PM, during events and by appointment.

Canvas (noun) def—a strong, coarse unbleached cloth made from hemp, flax, cotton, or a similar yarn, often used as a surface for painting. However, a canvas is not necessarily this traditional piece of fabric. Someone receiving a tattoo is often referred to as a human canvas. Numerous styles of tattoos are displayed permanently on someone’s skin much like a painting is rendered on traditional canvas. Unlike the blank slate of canvas, the human face is unique in its construction while also being expressive through personality. Changes in expression are captured on a regular basis through portrait photography, and showcase the dynamic nature of the face. On the other hand, paint on a canvas is static. It does not move, or change—it simply exists exactly as it is applied. So what happens when a static medium is applied to a dynamic surface? Chroma is a photographic exploration of this query.

Artist Bio: Emily Sniegowski is a photographer and graphic designer from Buffalo, NY. Graduating from Villa Maria College with a BFA in Photography in 2018, her work has been exhibited at local galleries such as CEPA Gallery and the Paul William Beltz Family Art Gallery.