Paintings by Brianna Feggins
Opening: June 8 6-9PM | INVITE
On View : June 3-9
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30 PM, during events and by appointment.

My artwork revolves around capturing realism within the human face. For two years, my art has evolved based off of paying attention to other influential artists. I especially like painting black fems, because their features are striking to me. I preferably like to work with oil paints to create fluorescent colors, patterns and details. My first exhibition “The Chocolate Ambrosia experience” will display my passion for perfecting details and it’ll give a taste of culture!

Biography : My artist name is Brianna Feggins, she’s 23 years old, born in Norfolk, VA; raised in Buffalo, NY. While working towards receiving her bachelor’s degree, she had discovered her artistic talent. She has been a self taught artist, since the year of 2016. She now has an established art business, named “Rae’cine Creations”. The business is ran through their Instagram page. Her style of art work mainly focuses on, capturing the realism of black gems; in their natural or glamorized state. Her goal is to help black fems gain more recognition; especially within the art world. The main goal she plans to implement within her art career is to educate artistic lovers on the history of black fems.