Good Fortune by Altercation Dreamer Solutions
Opening June 14th 6-9 pm | INVITE
On View: June 10-20
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30 PM, during events and by appointment.

Each day, the average American produces 4.6 lbs. of trash that ‘conveniently’ disappears from view every week. But where does it all really go? Is removing it from the elements that could break it down helpful? And is making billions of tons of trash mysteriously vanish sustainable in the long run? These are the thought provoking questions raised by the art show ‘Good Fortune’ at Sugar City opening on June 14th 6-9 PM.

ALTERCATION DREAMER SOLUTIONS is a ‘Life Artist’ who has worked intimately with America’s trash; at a landfill, doing NY State Fair clean-up, reselling trash-picked home items and saving all of their trash in the year 2015. In 2005 they started collecting roadside detritus and creating time capsule dioramas in glass jars. This is their 3rd show with such work, but their 1st in Buffalo since becoming a resident here last year. Every piece in this series contains either a fortune cookie fortune or quippy tea tag developing the context of what each capsule’s scene is looking to evoke.