Thurs 7/12 6-9 PM | ART | FREE INVITE
Cause Arts Silent Auction 1.0: artists supporting people in need | Proceeds from this event will support Buffalo native Maria Rola, who was hospitalized in April while traveling the country in a van, and subsequently was unable to collect social welfare stipends after being crushed with $3800 in medical debt and having no home address or official documents on hand. A body arts performer by trade, Maria has been forced to strategize her funding project anew. An emergency cash stipend was collected and distributed in May to assist in providing basic needs while she struggles to find labor that is physically and emotionally appropriate. 100% of the proceeds from the silent art auction will go toward resolving her medical debt. Participating Artists: (will be added as more join on) Florian Ayala Fauna, Julianna Burkhardt, Mickey Harmon, Glenn Murray, Curtis A. Guy, Newt Smith, Dana Tyrrell, Rin Leung. Live circus performance by Karen Dennis and Jay Mpelezos