Sun 5/19 1:30-3PM | MEETING | INVITE Meeting on the Future of Sugar City Last year Sugar City celebrated our 10 year anniversary. This year our lease is up for renewal, and we’re faced with a decision about our future. When the original Sugar Citizens began volunteering their time to organize the space, the consensus was that we would keep doing this for as long as we were able to keep the lights on and the rent paid. Our philosophy was that as long as we make enough money from events to keep the doors open, that is proof of our value to the community, and justification to keep putting our time and effort into keeping Sugar City in operation. As it turns out, this has not really been an issue. Thanks to the wide variety of communities that have found value in Sugar City, and with the help of some grants, we have been able to pay our bills, make improvements to the space (we have an air conditioner now!), and stash some savings in a rainy day fund. So why are we having this meeting? With the realization that Sugar City has clearly become an active hub for all kinds of community and artistic events, comes the realization that our core volunteers can’t keep organizing this space forever. As our Sugar Citizens are starting careers, buying houses, and moving away from Buffalo; it has become clear that we will need new people in the organization if we are to continue serving the community in the future. After all these years, we don’t want to just let this space to fizzle out – especially not when it seems clear that we are still meeting a need within the community. If Sugar City means something to you, we hope you will consider taking this opportunity to find out how you can become more involved!