Installation by Madeleine Bergman
On View May 23th-May 31st
Opening Reception May 24th 6-9 pm | INVITE
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30PM, during all Sugar City events and by appointment.

This work was originally created as an extension of my physical form. By using my body weight in clay and making something that can overtake and fill up every space it inhabits, it is a metaphor for my relatively small size as a human, but my ability to use my personality to fill the space I’m in.

The use of a vessel as the form for all of these pieces is attributed to women being seen as vessels, containers meant to hold things for others, literally and figuratively. The wide range of images and text on the vessels shows different facets of myself and the complexity of being a woman. Some of the images are representations of people in my life and the way the people you surround yourself with become a part of you.

After this installation is taken down, I plan to separate the pieces, letting some go to friends, people who want to buy them, and placing some in hidden spots in cities I inhabit. My goal with this is to make my art accessible to a larger population of people that might not have frequent experiences with art. Hopefully viewers and those who find the vessels out in the wild develop more of an eye for detail and finding beauty in the world, even in small and unexpected places.