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April 1 – April 30 | INVITE | Buffalo FUN-a-DAY 2020: Stay Safe Edition Buffalo FUN-a-DAY 2020: Stay Safe Edition | To participate sign-up: tinyurl.com/buffalofunaday2020

In light of recent events we have decided to bring back Fun-a-Day this year. Now, more than ever is a time to get creative! *All projects are to be done safely with respect to the guidelines for social distancing set by the government and medical professionals. When it’s safe, and we will announce a date to exhibit the projects made during these trying times.

WHAT IS FUN-a-DAY: The idea is to choose something you think is fun or interesting, and do it every day in April! No project is too small! You can use this opportunity as motivation to learn a new skill, brush up one you’ve already got, or try something you’ve always wanted to do! If you would like to submit documentation of your project for the art show, it can either be 30 individual exhibits, or one cumulative piece. For example, you could make a unique drawing everyday, or you could make one drawing and work on it everyday.

Please be respectful of others when you plan to document your project, since we may not have a lot of space! As always, this is an all-ages event. Be respectful & have a good time!

Buffalo Fun-a-Day is Inspired by Philadelphia’s ArtClash Collective Fun-A-Day http://www.artclash.com/