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Pixels of Ambivalence: Work by Brian Nacov
On View: April 1 – 20, 2019
Artist Reception: Saturday April 6, 6-9pm | INVITE
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30PM, during all Sugar City events and by appointment.

University at Buffalo MFA Thesis candidate Brian Nacov presents “Pixels of Ambivalence” an exhibition featuring paints and multimedia explorations of nostalgia, escapism and video games. In collaborations with the Buffalo Art Dispensary. Brian Nacov is a Buffalo-based artist and art educator whose work contains environments and structures evocative of the video games of his past. Manifesting as surreal landscapes and strange monsters, or hard-edged pixel sprites distorted and corrupted by glitches, his recent practice examines themes of escapism, capitalist ideology, and gamer/otaku identity through painting, DIY publication, and locative media installation. Interested in the ways game spaces bleed into real space and vice versa, Brian conveys a sense of longing for the virtual dreamscapes games provide, while maintaining a critical eye on how they affect their players.

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Fri 4/19 7-11PM | MUSIC | $7 | INVITE Matthew Danger Lippman (Brooklyn slackerglam soul), Welks Mice (Bflo experimental positivity pop), Lesionread (Bflo experimental electronic pop)

Sat 4/20 7-11PM | MUSIC | $10-$12 | INVITE Bad Waitress (Punk Rock Toronto), Thick (Punk BKNY), Tina Panic Noise (Buffalo Queer-Core Alt Punk)

Fri 4/26 8-11PM | COMEDY | $7 | INVITE Sarah Squirm & Helltrap Nightmare (Chicago-Adult Swim) featuring Shrimp Boys, Ruby McCollister (NYC), Scott Egleston and musical guest Mister Wallace (Chicago rapper)

Sat 4/27 11AM-5PM | Sugar City Record Fair | Free Admission | INVITE After a long break the Sugar City Record Fair! Come peruse records for sale from over 20 vendors. This event does not charge a fee to enter so stop in and look around. Sugar City’s record fair differs from others as we encourage local collectors and vinyl enthusiasts who are looking to thin the herd.

Mon 4/29 7-10PM | MUSIC | $12 | INVITE Year Of The Knife (Delaware hardcore), Vamachara (California hardcore), Chamber (Tennessee hardcore), War By Other Means (Buffalo hardcore)

Thurs 5/2 6-10PM | MUSIC | $13 adv/$15dos | INVITE Priests (DC post-punk), Gurr (Berlin garage rock), Mallwalkers (Bflo party-punk)

Fri 5/3 7-11PM | MUSIC | $10 adv // $12 door | INVITE Swiss Army (Pittsburgh Alternative/Punk), On The Cinder (Buffalo Punk Rock), Ghostpool (Buffalo Emo/Pop Punk), Elemantra (Buffalo Dream Rock)


From Your Collection
Opening Thursday August 24th, 6-9PM | INVITE
On view until Sunday September 17th.
Gallery hours are Fridays 5:30 to 7:30pm, during all events, and by appointment.

Sugar City is proud to present the third round of our collaborative group exhibition featuring works from your collection. We believe that everyone owns a piece of creative work that has value. We like to give a platform to share these items with a broad audience. Let us do away with the mystery of where art comes from and what authority assigns value and celebrate the art that we each have.

Over the last two years we have shown close to 75 pieces! People were gracious enough to loan us a variety of work as the theme pretty open to interpretation: items range from paintings, videos, prints, to tchotchkes you hold dear. The only rule is that the piece cannot be something the owner didn’t create. This exhibition follows the Sugar City do-it-together ethos and seeks to further empower everyone’s creative endeavors.


Thurs 8/3 6-10PM | MUSIC | PWYC | INVITE

As part of Buffalo's Infringement Festival WBNY Invades Sugar City:

Always Cool Society (poetic lyricist hip hop) A poetic lyricist with the ability to lead and inspire her generation, dev11n is a breath of fresh air in Hip Hop. Her jazz influenced style, coupled with her thought provoking lyrics, create a sound reminiscent of the 90’s with an all new feel. After the release of her debut EP #The11thHour, she launched a docu-series “I Am: dev11n” to document her journey as an up and coming artist.

Spliff (hip hop artist/vocalist )

Chronic Collective (emcees) Alibi and Illusive. Earth dwelling meanderthals/space travel experimentalists. One time got high score on Gallaga in another dimension in a dive bar.

Tilapia (3 piece funk jam band) three piece funky jam band that believes in two chains not three.

Diverze (vocals)

Dark Matter Trio (new music) Kevin Urso on fender rhodes/bass keys, Ryan Campbell on drums, and Nick Randall on guitar this group creates a sound bigger than the word 'trio' suggests. This energetic yet soulful merge to stand on the shoulders of great improvisors like Medeski Martin & Wood; John Scofield; Soulive; Joshua Redman; and Brad Mehldau, and adds an edge reminiscent of 90's grunge. You may recognize some of the melodies despite them being distorted through a kaleidoscope of captivating rhythms and jazz harmony. Their own fabrications come and go as only a temporal art like music can allow, yet they are truly

Deadwolf (psych rock) 5-piece Psychedelic Pop/Rock band that started off in the fall of 2015 with the objective of crafting larger-than-life songs that have a timeless atmosphere. Having recorded in their own studio, Afterglow Studios, they created the 65-minute long, 14 track album titled, Heavy Heart. Deadwolf has been hailed as, “Psychedelic Rock gods” and “The Harmony Kings.” In a Recent review by Buffablog, they said, “Half A Man, the latest single from Buffalo psych rockers, blew my mind straight up. If you haven’t already gotten this towering, epic jam into your ears, you really need to do so immediately.


Ghosts In the Sunlight: Photographs by Nick Torsell
Opening: July 27, 6:00-9:00 PM | INVITE
On view: July 28 – August 12
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30 PM, during events and by appointment.
Ghosts In The Sunlight are photos that were made from a car looking for a patch of dirt on the side of the road to park on. I pick up my camera wrapped in an old t-shirt and look for the thing I thought I saw in the car. Usually it’s an emptiness, a potential for something new or imagined to happen in that space.

I majored in literature at University at Buffalo. So I wasn’t an art major in college, and I haven’t always looked at things in pictures, but once I started to I realized I was looking for them all along, in old movies, in television, on the side of the highway looking up at the power lines. Photography gave me a way to compose the world into something more manageable.

About Nick Torsell: Nick Torsell was born in 1989 and started taking photos a few years ago. Though Nick has exhibited previously, this will be his first solo gallery show in Buffalo, NY. His sense of reality was deeply shaken by the 2016 Cubs winning the World Series for the first time since 1908. Wait ’til he gets his money right. Instagram: nftorsell