We, the collective organizers of Sugar City, are sad to announce the closing of the gallery, studios, and performance space at 1239 Niagara Street.

During the past five years at Sugar City’s present location (and eleven total years of existence!), you all have been overwhelmingly supportive. We are honored to support a wide array of diverse communities within Western New York and the greater worldwide arts community. We can unquestionably say that we have NOT come to this decision due to lack of community support.

A majority of the operating budget at 1239 Niagara St. was funded by events requiring large, indoor gatherings of community members. As a space that strives to be a safe environment for all, we cannot safely hold such events at this time, and we honestly can’t predict when we will be able to do so in the future. Without this income, operating at 1239 Niagara St. is both impossible and a misuse of Sugar City’s limited resources.

So, what does the future hold for Sugar City? Like much in the world right now, it is uncertain. While the organizers have discussed different approaches to the future, we hope to use the next few months to re-charge, assess the future landscape of art and music events, and forge a new path.

Previously, following the loss of Sugar City’s initial home at 19 Wadsworth St., we spent two years without a physical space. During that time, we were still able to support and curate events in the community that we love. At the very least, we would like to do that again. Our last month in the space will be spent safely hosting virtual events, namely (1) the Virtual Take Over facilitated by Black Artists and Musicians throughout the month and (2) the Sugar City Presents Series featuring live music Friday nights, streaming live to Facebook at 8PM on August 14th, and August 21st. We welcome you to join us safely and online throughout this month as we celebrate 5 great years on Niagara St., and look toward the future! More information regarding these virtual events can be found at and on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Thank you all for sharing in our DIY dream. We look forward to seeing you all again someday.

Sugar City Looks Back 3: Days of Future Past

“I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.”

Gaston Bachelard , The Poetics of Space

“I hold this to be the highest task of a bond between two people: that each should stand guard over the solitude of the other.”

“But your solitude will be a support and a home for you, even in the midst of very unfamiliar circumstances, and from it you will find all your paths.”

“Once the realization is accepted that even between the closest human beings infinite distances continue, a wonderful living side by side can grow, if they succeed in loving the distance between them which makes it possible for each to see the other whole against the sky.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

Sugar City Looks Back 2: In Search of Lost Time

“The reality that I had known no longer existed. It sufficed that Mme. Swann did not appear, in the same attire and at the same moment, for the whole avenue to be altered. The places that we have known belong now only to the little world of space on which we map them for our own convenience. None of them was ever more than a thin slice, held between the contiguous impressions that composed our life at that time; remembrance of a particular form is but regret for a particular moment; and houses, roads, avenues are as fugitive, alas, as the years.”

  • Marcel Proust, “Swann’s Way”

Sugar City Update on Covid-19

Dear friends and colleagues,

Due to concern over the spread of the Covid-19 virus, Sugar City has taken the decision to suspend all events for the near future. As an all-ages safer space, we want to make sure that all people who enjoy our events can stay healthy and safe. We will continue to monitor national and local updates on its containment and its overall effect on our community.

We take this decision with a sad heart but also with a great amount of concern for the people affected by this situation. We urge everyone to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from risks, which includes staying away from crowded areas and washing your hands regularly. And we hope that anyone who needs medical care, including testing and treatment, can receive it freely and as soon as they need it. Please also reach out to anyone you know who may be excessively disadvantaged from this situation, whether it is physically, financially or emotionally (but please take precaution when doing so).

When we feel that our community is no longer in danger by attending public events, we will announce our re-opening. Thank you all for appreciating our space and mission, and we hope you will be able to continue to patronize our events when it is reasonable to do so. Be well and look out for one another.


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Erie County Healthcare Professionals:

School and Childcare:

Mental Health:




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Sugar City in Association w/ LaGuy Unlimited present “THE CEREAL BAR” (w/Free Show)
A distinct and provocative mixture of the essence of adult nightlife and the sweet sensations of breakfast cereals. Imbibe in grain.



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THIS IS BRANCHBURG live at Sugar City!

Brendan O’Hare (Netflix, HBO) and Cory Snearowski (The Onion, Clickhole) present a live version of their popular scripted podcast This Is Branchburg!

The small town of Branchburg, New Jersey has many stories to tell, whether you’d like to hear them or not. Come meet the cavalcade of weirdos and grotesquely beautiful characters who make up Branchburg, in what Vulture calls “Northern Exposure meets Twin Peaks” and what the A.V. Club calls a “delicate balance… between absurdism, dark comedy, and genuine folksy charm.” Produced by Tim Heidecker and Abso Lutely Productions.

This is Branchburg was named Best Podcast Miniseries by Vulture and one of The Verge’s 11 Favorite Podcasts of 2019.

Tues March 24 8pm $10

Ticket Link:

2.28 – 3.1

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Green Buffalo Productions (GBP) continues to push boundaries in February 2020 with their first feature production, Liquidation. As always for GBP, the piece will fully feature Western New York creatives!

Johnny Barden as Manny
Ben Parsons as Lane
Julia Grygier as Jazz
Drea Bim as Alexis
Jake Samson as Trapper

Playwright: Samantha Marchant
Director: Nick Edwards
Assistant Director: Sarah Henderson
Stage Manager: Sarah Emmerling
Producers: Ellen Catherine Scherer & Maddy Sedlor
(Green Buffalo Productions)

February 28th 7 pm
February 29th 2 pm
February 29th 7 pm
March 30th 2 pm

GBP Co-Founder Ellen Scherer is the lead producer for Liquidation. She says “I love this team! They are so dedicated to making Samantha’s vision come to life. I don’t think that just anyone could pull off Liquidation. Directing takes a lot of experimental work. Understanding the characters requires deep introspection. I am itching to see what the team brings to the stage.”

Tickets for the Liquidation are $25 per person and can be purchased online via Brown Paper Tickets at starting January 17, 2020. There will be four opportunities to see the show: Friday, February 28 at 7:00 pm, Saturday, February 29 at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm, and Sunday, March 1 at 2 pm. Doors open 30 minutes prior to start time.

Tickets will also be available for purchase at the door while they last. There will be items available for raffle; raffle tickets can be purchased via cash or Venmo. Seating is limited, so GBP strongly recommends buying tickets online.

This production is set in the round and has some immersive (not interactive) elements. The audience will be seated within the set. The play includes references to, or representations of, the following: drug and alcohol use, intimacy, sexual intercourse, implied masturbation, implied nudity, partial nudity, same-sex kissing, suicide, and abortion.

Green Buffalo Productions is a team of young professionals working in theatre, art, and creative writing. Each of their team members brings distinct talents to the company, ensuring they can oversee every step of the production process. Their mission is to bring attention to underrepresented voices in the Western New York Community by producing new works of theater and providing resources for unpublished writers. Their three main objectives are: to foster the creation and production of original works of theater; to provide opportunities for marginalized writers and performers by remaining accessible and encouraging; and to enrich the community through meaningful collaboration.

Green Buffalo Productions events and services can be found on their website:

Follow Green Buffalo Productions on social media!
Twitter: @greenbflo
Facebook: /greenbuffaloproductions
Instagram: @green_bflo


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Buffalo indie rockers Not For Nothing and OLMSTED give a warm welcome to Brooklyn, NY’s very own A Very Special Episode in a magical night of music beneath the twinkly lights of Sugar City! Come one, come all to this all-ages night of fun!