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Iden LaMere: Grandmother’s Attic
Exhibition on view: October 13 – October 20
Artist Reception: Tuesday October 15, 6-9PM | INIVTE
Gallery Hours: Fridays 5:30-7:30PM, during all Sugar City events and by appointment.

The past few months I’ve been working on this exhibition have also been some of the hardest of my life. I feel riddled with loss. I have had two great soulmates in my life, my partner Asher and a good friend I had over the course of college, throughout my transition and so many other hard things.

I’d done so many things with her. So many of my paintings have her as a subject, including one in this exhibition that I can no longer stand putting a brush to. We knew each others’ schedules. We knew each other’s coffee orders by heart. We did a nude modeling session together in our senior year (consequently, we knew far too much about each other). But for whatever reason, I became inconvenient for her. So I let her know she’d given up, and I had to give up too. I cannot deny my ongoing love for her, and I cannot deny that every day she doesn’t reach out makes me love and hate her more at once.

My father, with whom I’ve had a rocky relationship my entire life throughout his struggle with alcoholism and emotional and physical abuse, had promised us upon leaving prison that he was a new man. An adult, no longer a narcissist, a parent. He’d convinced me he’d researched my gender. He convinced me that his slip-ups even after three years of knowing and three years of surgery and recovery and testosterone needles, he knew I was a man. Then at my sister’s 25th birthday, he complained that he felt lonely. The only rooster in a sea of hens. I gave so many chances to apologize that night. He said I was too sensitive. He shrugged when I asked, “What about me?”. I came to the conclusion that it was all a lie. Everything he’d ever said about recovery, about loving me and who I was becoming. Possibly everything he’d ever said in general.

I’m accustomed to being left in the dust in my platonic love life. I can’t understand it. It’s a pattern of deep love and heartbreak that I can’t figure out how to break. Reviewing it all feels like digging through grandmother’s attic. I can’t find any greater meaning in the inheritance left behind, in dusty boxes of Christmas cards and old ottomans, after the last car leaves the cemetery.

Artist Bio: My name is Iden J LaMere. I am 23 years old, and I moved to Buffalo just a few months ago, but I’ve lived in Upstate New York nearly all of my life. I am a trans man, and long-time sufferer of PTSD, and my identity has a tendency to make its way into almost all of my work. My depictions of gender, and the way I like to balance horror and beauty in my work have a lot to do with seeing the world from the perspective of being a person trying to love a body and self I hate.

I like to try to produce a balance between elegance and filth, or things that are pleasing to the eye and things we as people would rather not think of, in my imagery and material use. On the side of elegance I take influence from Victorian and French Rococo art style. On the side of filth I use images of blood and offal, human waste, and depictions of gender expression intended to cause discomfort in people who don’t have experience with trans bodies. I want to create an aura of romanticism for taboo subjects. My main medium is oil paint, but I also enjoy working with fabric and other mixed media.
Facebook: IdenJay | Website: idenjay.weebly.com | Etsy: ArcaneArtsBoutique | Email: ijlamere@yahoo.com

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Fri 10/25 6-11 PM | MUSIC |$5 | INVITE Muddle (bflo punk) album release show, Not For Nothing (bflo indie rock), Voice of Dissent (bflo punk), Sidney Jeanne (bflo feminist folk),

Thurs 10/31 6-10PM | MUSIC | $10 PWYC | INVITE Enforced (RVA crossover), High Command (Mass Metal), Lungs (MN Doom/Sludge), War By Other Means (Buffalo HC)

Fri 11/1 6-9PM Art Opening | In Monumental and Sentimental: Illustrations by Alexis Hinkley-Maier


Sat 8/3 11AM-5PM | Sugar City Flea X Jack Craft Fair | AT Wilkeson Pointe Sculpture Park | INVITE
Sugar City is partnering with the Jack Craft Fair on August 3 to showcase a variety of flea market vendors! Look for the Sugar City tent to learn more about this art collective and shop the mini flea market!
Dave G
Gear Two Thrift
Timeless Babez
Black Fawn Exchange
Seku Harwell
Translight Mutations
Erika Benham
Andy Czuba
for more info visit: jackcraftfair.com


Fri 7/26 7-11PM | MUSIC | Sliding $5-$10 | INVITE
Boo-ker Blahzay (Buffalo Hip-Hop MC)
Jewk the Philosopher (Buffalo Hip-Hop MC)
Matthias Johnson (Hudson Valley Hip-Hop/Electronic DJ)


Boo-ker Blahzay is a Hip-Hop artist from Buffalo, New York. From writing, rapping, producing, or engineering, Boo-ker is a one- man production team. He delivers a rhythmic flow that is lyrical and clever, without taking away from it’s conscious message. In a nutshell, Boo-ker Blahzay’s Music is Motivation for personal growth in everyone, especially the downtrodden. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkN4zOv0GxA
Jewk the philosopher is an recording artist from Buffalo NY, delivering a personalized view on life in Rap form. “Sound is the wave” as he puts it.

Jewk currently has 2 projects titled “that wuz yesterdae” & “That wuz yesterdae 2” , and working on his upcoming ep titled “The JewkBox”. In 2018 Jewk performed at a few local places such as “stamps the bar” & “Sugar City”, and is now collaborating and creating with other artists, and is ready for where ever the road leads. https://youtu.be/4HS0yjUBlNE

Matthias Johnson is a diverse DJ located in the Hudson Valley. He has a deep fascination with the tech world and teaching kids robot skills. Every year he spends hours “cleaning up” the hip-hop hits for the kids school dances. He”s been known to pull out deep dance hall tracks, new orleans bounce, classic rap and techno.


Sat 7/27 1-4PM | MARKET | FREE | INVITE
Heart & Craft Fair: Come out to support women, non-binary and trans craftspeople from all over who love to create for themselves, friends, family and you. There will be 15+ vendors showcasing a variety of goods like: drawings and paintings (originals, prints) fiber art (crochet, needlepoint), clothing, skincare, jewelry, baked goods and so much more.
Presented by Maybe Heaven

Here’s Who Will Be Featured:
More Than Knots ( @lissa.roads )
Aura ( @crystal_clair3 )
playclothes ( @charlie___best )
Rellie My ( @rellie_my )
POPPress ( @rrrrrrrezin )
Art of Stace ( @artofstace )
Desiree Elise ( @blaqbirddd )
Sugarlumps Illustrations ( @sugarlumps.illustrations )
Art by Amy Lynn ( @art_by_amylyn )
Handmade by Jessa ( @handmadebyjessa )
Possumism ( @possumism_ )
Amethyst Bumblebee Soaps ( @amethystbumblebeesoaps )
Lee’s Sweets ( @lee_wingy )
Maybe Heaven ( @maybeheaven )
Fawndolyn Art ( @fawndolyn )
Jess Widmer Art ( @jwbunny4 )

To gather more information, and to sign up to be on the waiting list for future craft fair events visit: https://forms.gle/nW7hEcHk7QeeWN4D9


Thurs 7/25 6:30-8:30PM | MEETING | Buffalo and Niagara for Reproductive Rights and Freedom: Meet fellow Western New Yorkers passionate about reproductive rights! Learn about national and local reproductive health changes, as well as how to get involved with the National Institute for Reproductive Health’s advocacy and organizing efforts! Please feel free to bring any partners/children/friends along with you.

This is a very critical time for women, transgender and non-conforming folks, or anyone who is able to get pregnant, as attacks against our reproductive freedom continue! NOW is the time to connect and mobilize.

RSVP at the following link