Sunday, March 20 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm
We’ll have jams. We’ll have some noise. We’ll have some drones. How ’bout that?

All of them Witches– They won Best Picture at 20 and they weren’t even trying.

mutus liber– The meek are scattering.

chapels– He doesn’t sleep. He waits.

I am not a TV- There are parts of [this band] that are Dennis Hopper.
(So new, they’re not on the internet yet.)


Tuesday, March 22
7PM | $5 donation
Ring In the Spring With Tinnitus Noise Show
Noise and Power Electronics to ring in the spring, and leave a ringing in your ears.

His Throne – pissed off power electronics on tour from Urbana, IL
River of Ichthyosis – local harsh noise brutality
Black Bloc – emotionally devastated heavy electronics
Do Not Resuscitate – Moezes doing solo noise mayhem
Deciever/Vowels – collab of the drone/noise titans!


Sugar City will have a sweet table with author Al Burian!
2011 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair Saturday, March 19th 12-6pm

The Buffalo Small Press Book Fair is a regional one day event that brings booksellers, authors, bookmakers, zinesters, small presses, artists, poets, and other cultural workers (and enthusiasts) together in a venue where they can share ideas, showcase their art, and peddle their wares.

The 2011 event will take place on Saturday, March 19th at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum from noon to 6pm. Remember this event is FREE and open to the public!


at Sugar City, Monday 3/21, 7:30pm

After a long winter’s hibernation, free movies at Sugar Cityare back with THE FILMS OF JEFF KRULIK, an eccentric program of shorts and oddities by the man who brought the world “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”, at 7:30pm on Monday 3/21 at Sugar City.

Called the greatest rock movie of all time, Krulik’s legendary document of the tailgating at a 1985 Judas Priest concert made him famous after years of word-of-mouth chatter and VHS bootlegging. But few people know that “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” is just one entry in a body of work that spans a lifetime of surreal public access insanity and pop culture dumpster diving…

Having spent years in the dungeons of public access television, Krulik’s video-damaged DIY sensibility was shaped when he was employed for years as the director of a Maryland public TV station in the 80s. (A montage of some of the most bizarre highlights and lowlights from his tenure will be included in the program, and features enough unmedicated community-access gibberish to make Tim & Eric weep.) It was during this time that he and a friend had the life-changing idea to bring a borrowed mic and camera to the parking lot of a local Judas Priest concert to record the scene. The resulting 15-minute short, “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”, is one of the quintessential time-capsule documents of the 80s, showing an endless parade of big-haired Maryland metal fans getting drunk and disorderly. The film became a legendary cult classic after getting passed around on dubbed VHS bootlegs for years amongst bands, music fans, and connoisseurs of video strangeness.

But there is so much more to Jeff Krulik than just intoxicated metalheads. Alongside “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”, there will also be shorts like “King Of Porn”, wherein Krulik pays an unforgettable visit to Ralph Whittington – government worker, man of leisure, and dedicated pornography archivist. Viewers will also be treated to “Mr. Blassie Goes To Washington”, in which the aging 60s wrestling star Freddie Blassie, who once proclaimed himself the “King of men”, gets escorted around Washington DC by a group of scantily clad showgirls on a “royal visit” while haranguing tourists who don’t recognize him. It’s a surreal, beautifully-orchestrated trainwreck that must be seen to be believed.

Jeff Krulik has been credited by many as prefiguring the reality TV boom due to his obsession with pop-culture marginalia and his knack for putting fading celebrities in unusual situations. It’s an assertion that has no small bit of truth to it – Krulik’s 45-minute document of his cross country adventures in Ernest Borgnine’s RV, “Borgnine On The Bus”, was originally intended to be the pilot of a TV show. Years later, the culture caught up with him when he parlayed his “parking lot” theme into a series on Trio. With “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” having recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, the time has never been better to revisit the man and his one-of-a-kind body of work.

So come on out to Sugar City, Buffalo’s favorite all-ages art space on Monday March 21st for another FREE night of unique cinema and discussion, and as always, be sure to come early for free popcorn and refreshments!


Friday, March 18 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Black Breath:Full on heavy metal assault on Southern Lord Records. Bang your fucking head.

Like Wolves:First Buffalo show in some time. Playing jams from their forthcoming LP.

Bestower: Local ragers. Tearing the roof off of every local venue in March.

Strangers:Buffalo’s newest hardcore machine. My (Andy Czuba) first band in about 5 years. Get weird.


Thursday March 17, 2011
7PM $5 Donation
Sugar City 19 Wadsworth ST Buffalo, NY
Reading by AL BURIAN (Berlin based author of Burn Collector & the musical group Milemarker www.alburian.com)
Buffalo based poet MARGARET KONKOL (Curator Mildred Lockwood Lacey Small Press in the Archive Lecture Series at SUNY Buffalo)
with a special BUFFALO COMIC MAKER ROUNDTABLE featuring:
Sal Sciandra (“Best to Get Started” www.salsciandra.com)
Pat Kewley (“History of Notable Buffalo Failures” www.patkewleyisgreat.com)
Cailtin Cass (“Great Moments in Western Civilization” www.greatmomentsinwesternciv.com/)
Stephen Floyd (One Percent Press www.onepercentpress.com/)

****************note Al Burian is also going to be our special guest at our table at the Buffalo Small Press Fair Saturday 3.19 12-6PM Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum 453 Porter Avenue www.buffalosmallpress.org/

Writer/artist/musician Al Burian has been reading and doing spoken performances since 2000; adapting his texts, presenting new materials,
occasionally free-form speaking off the top of his head. He has cultivated a near-total lack of stage fright from many years as a performing musician, during which an aversion to hierarchy and structured situations caused him, almost immediately, to develop a confrontational, econstructive relationship with the audience. These days he is a bit more relaxed about it; still, some small subversions of group expectation for normative behavior in a public speaking situation may occur. He is motivated by a relatively sincere and straightforward desire to communicate something of import. Failing that, he at least hopes to provide a good time.

About the book:

Burn Collector: collected stories from one through nine compiles the first nine issues of Al Burian’s sporadically published and widely acclaimed personal zine. Beginning in the mid-nineties, Burian distributed his work through the tight-knit network of the DIY punk music scene. Burn Collector caught on because of its unusual content—in a scene rife with dogmatic political diatribes and bland record reviews, Burian presented his readers with humorous anecdotes, philosophical musings, nuanced descriptions of odd locales and curious characters, taken mostly from outside of the punk milieu—and also because of the author’s narrative voice, which reflected the literary influences of Celine, Henry Miller, or even David Sedaris more than the influence of his contemporaries in the zine world. The writing in Burn Collector blueprinted a post-punk persona that was smart, strange, political but not correct, attached to sub-culture, but striving also for a connection to the world at large, and to the
greater themes of human existence. In 1998, a small New York based publisher (Buddy System) offered to reprint the zines in book form. Burn Collector: collected stories from one through nine appeared in early 2000; it was the first zine compilation of its era to be published (pre-dating the Cometbus Omnibus by two years). The book went through six printings, along the way garnering acclaim from readers, inspiring a film (Matt McCormick’s 2009 “Some Days are Better than Others”) and a major label album (Thrice’s 2003 “the artist in the ambulance”). More importantly, the book inspired readers to write and self-publish: to do it themselves. PM Press re-released the book in 2010, in the hopes that another generation of kids would be moved by its message of hope, laughter in the face of adversity, and the beauty of stolen office supplies.

Author bio:
Al Burian, born 1971 in New Hampshire (state motto: “live free or die”); grew up in North Carolina (state motto: “to be and not to seem”). In his early twentieshe began touring incessantly with bands, simultaneously producing small-run photocopied pamphlets (“zines”). He has published two collections of his zine output, Burn Collector (2000) and Natural Disaster (2007), as well as a book of comics, Things Are Meaning Less (2003). He lives in Berlin.


SPECIAL: Student Soup
Wednesday March 16 7:30PM
Sugar City 19 Wadsworth st Bflo, NY 14201

Sugar City is excited to present a special addition of our Sunday Soup series, STUDENT SOUP. This project is in collaboration with University at Buffalo’s Alternative Spring Break.

Soup grants provide funding for small projects and a free show/ing at Sugar City. for this session Sugar City is limiting entries to currently enrolled high school and college students. Projects can be anything such as fine art, group endevors, media art, cooking, sewing, building a fence, going on a field trip, conducting research, fixing your car, producing an album;whatever you can imagine using your creativity and imagination and would not be funded by traditional sources. The grants are completely unrestricted and will be awarded at the discretion of the attendees at Sunday Soup.

Sugar City will share delicious soup (vegan and vegetarian!) and other yummy accompaniments. You will generously donate $5 to the future winning student artist. Then, while we eat and relax artists will present their projects. Sunday Soup goers will select one artist to receive the donations collected that night.

Please send a short proposal and whatever other materials you deem appropriate to buffalosugarcity@gmail.com.

To be eligible to win a grant you must be in attendance and donate at the soup event. This event is as much about community building as supporting art making.

Learn more about the soup movement sundaysoup.org
Sunday Soup is sweeping the country. We have sister soups in Brooklyn, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Portland, New Castle, Kiev and MORE! Buffalo’s Sunday Soup has raised over $1300 so far!

Past Winners
-Tom Van Deusen “Rearing Your Tween”
-Madeleine Cutrona “Urban Biospy”
-Sugar City (in conjunction with a CEPA/InCubate residency) “Sunday Soup”
-Dietrich-Olivier Schulze “1,000Tamborines” and Jordan Dalton “Ecological Disaster Tour”
-Damian Weber “Moomins Redux”
-Liz Flyntz “Erotic Economies”
-Pat Cain “Community Garden”
This project was inspired by Chicago’s Incubate (http://www.incubate-chicago.org/) and is dedicated to the memory of Ben Schaafsma.


Paul Baribeau
solo Acoustic man on No Idea and Plan-it-X

The Boy Who Could Fly
On tour with Paul from Columbus, Ohio

Mall Walkers
Will from Defiance, Ohio described them as the Minutemen with horns, ex Meth Mouth

Friday 3.4
6:00 pm
$6 donation


Open Figure Drawing Returns to First and Third Tuesday of the Month!
Join us tonight 3.2 at 7pm $5 donation bring your own materials.