Friday December 3rd.
10pm until they kick us out again.
$5 donation to support Sugar City!

DJ’s Handsome Dan, Rev. Johnny Drama & Fab Frankie brings you the right tunes to shake your hips and meet some lips.

We will also be playing some jams by Buffalo based soul groups like Bob & Gene and Dyke & the Blazers! Hope you all see the psoter containing sweet photos from Buffalo’s soulful past.



Saturday 11.27 6PM
Left-Overs Saturday is an eclectic mix of music and poetry here to revamp you after a draining family Thanksgiving dinner. Ditch the turkey for a mix of local, homegrown, and imported hip-hop, punk, folk-soul, fun, and pop music. We’ve got something for everyone!

Live Music By:
+ (At Sea)
+ Epiphany
+ Wellness Exchange (Bill Musso and Jake Rich + Special Guests)
+ People with Teeth
+ Jared Paul’s Prayers for Atheists

+Live-Band Freestyle competition (Audience participation HIGHLY encouraged)

+Tables from local vendors, artists, and activists

+Thanksgiving Themed spoken word

+so much more

This is an all ages event, but in the perfect neighborhood to spend a Saturday night. Start off with us and we’ll get you on your pub crawl while the night is still young 😉

This is an all ages event, but in the perfect neighborhood to spend a Saturday night. Start off with us and we’ll get you on your pub crawl while the night is still young 😉

This is an all ages event, but in the perfect neighborhood to spend a Saturday night. Start off with us and we’ll get you on your pub crawl while the night is still young 😉

Don’t let the gravy and grandma’s mildly offensive comments get you down, come out with us and breathe life into your holiday before you go back to school/work/Monday.


Just dancin’, bluegrass, hootin’ and hollarin.’

[Featuring music by Erie Lackawanna Railroad, City Fiddle, AND there will be a hoedown caller!]

Come learn more about mountaintop removal, raise awareness, and contribute to advocacy and education work being done throughout the United States. Dave Cooper, from Mountaintop Removal Roadshow will be joining us to share more about this issue.

Tickets are $5 and all proceeds will be donated to Mountaintop Removal Roadshow.



Mountaintop removal is a method of coal mining used in Appalachia since the 1970s as an extension of conventional strip mining techniques.

The U.S. EPA writes: “Mountaintop removal/valley fill is a mining practice where the tops of mountains are removed, exposing the seams of coal. Mountaintop removal can involve removing 500 feet or more of the summit to get at buried seams of coal. The earth from the mountaintop is then dumped in the neighboring valleys.”

The impact of mountaintop removal can be devastating. Aside from grave environmental consequences, nearby homes and communities are also effected.

The U.S. EPA also writes: “Dynamite blasts needed to splinter rock strata are so strong they crack the foundations and walls of houses. Mining dries up an average of 100 wells a year and contaminates water in others. In many coalfield communities, the purity and availability of drinking water are keen concerns.”

The City of Buffalo receives power from a total of seven coal-fired power plants directly connected to mountaintop removal.


Sugar City will be open for trick or treats! Sunday 10.31 6-9PM. Bring the kids to get some candy or just swing by to see the our current gallery show featuring Prints and Drawings by Emma Repp.

In the Gallery 10.25-11.5

Prints and Drawings by Emma Repp

Recent Buffalo-transplant Emma Repp is kind enough to display her intricate patterned & magical prints and drawings.

Emma likes this quote: “The human mind delights in finding pattern- so much so that we often mistake coincidence or forced analogy for profound meaning. No other habit of thought lies so deeply within the soul of a small creature trying to make sense of a complex world not constructed for it. – stephen j gould”


Emma’s Work will be on view:
Monday 10.25 from before and after our Movie Night Screening of Carnival of Souls 7:30PM

Saturday 10.20 2-4 during our volunteer orientation and clean-up.

Sunday 10.31 6-9PM Open for Halloween Trick or Treats!!

Friday 11.5 6-9PM Allentown’s First Friday Gallery Walk (note we may also open the space open late for friends involved with the UB MFA show at Artspace)

OR BY APPOINTMENT email buffalosugarcity@gmail.com


Monday Movie Night is BACK!!!!
Mon 10.25 7:30PM
FREE screening of the spooktacular horror classic
CARNIVAL OF SOULS, directed by Herk Harvey in 1962!

A midnight-movie classic, “Carnival of Souls” was the one and only commercial feature directed by industrial filmmaker Herk Harvey on a
shoestring budget. Without the money for expensive special effects or Hollywood production values, Harvey and his crew nevertheless crafted
an unforgettable film by making the most of a few breathtaking locations, stately pacing, and a haunting tone. Harvey uses only a few
simple editing tricks and photographic effects to depict the story of a church organist lost in a world she feels disconnected from, haunted
by visions she doesn’t understand, and losing her tenuous grip on reality. The result is a horror film without any monsters or
dismemberments, but infused with a hypnotic sense of creeping dread and alienation that stays with the viewer long after the credits roll.
After viewing it, it’s not hard to imagine the influence it might have had on later filmmakers like David Lynch or George Romero.

Before the screening there will also be a special presentation from writer Marc Sommer, who interviewed Herk Harvey before his death in
the early 90s and will share some insight into the man and his work.

As always, come early to enjoy free popcorn and refreshments



Sex and Shakespeare
A Very Un-Romantic Look at Shakespeare’s Tragic Poetry of Love and Lust

Venus and Adonis – 1593 – Venus’ Amorous Arguments and Objections from Adonis
The Rape of Lucrece – 1594 – A Tragic Poem of Violent Lust and Death
A Lover’s Complaint – 1609 – A Woman Abandoned by Her Lover
Sonnet 130 – 1609 – A Somewhat Insulting Portrayal of “Real Love”

We will read, analyze, and discuss the above works, as well as other poems and sources from the time.
Please Note: We will be talking about adult situations. It is only recommended for people who feel comfortable with this mature subject matter.

Next Workshop Starting October 25th, 2010
Mondays from 6pm to 8pm
At Sugar City – 19 Wadsworth Street
Space Is Limited – Register In Advance
Contact: Tabitha at 505.362.7902 or Phoenix71975@yahoo.com


Wednesday 10.13 7-9PM
Call for artists!

For every t-shirt purchased, You and Who will donate a shirt to a local organization that helps those in need

You and Who sells T-Shirts to people that want to buy them, and donates them to people that need them. For every shirt we sell we will donate 1 shirt to one of the organizations we work with.

We’re looking for artists in the cities we have partner organizations in – we want to give the artist: a)exposure to their work – there will be a section on the site with bios of all artists and on the shirt detail page it will list a link to that artists bio on the site. b)the chance to make some money – $1/shirt sold will be paid to the designer of that shirt. Shirts will sell out at 1000 to make them limited editions, so the chance is there to make $1000. c)The artist gets a chance to help out their community as it’s their designed shirts that are donated to the organizations in their area. For example, if someone buys a shirt designed by a Buffalo artist, then that same shirt is donated to a Buffalo organization.

Initially we will be focusing on the following cities: San Francisco, Austin, Salt Lake City, Portland, and Seattle – I visited each of these cities in September of 2010. In October 2010 I plan to visit Chicago, New York City, Philadephia, Rochester, and I’ll have chance to focus on Buffalo, my hometown and where You and Who is located.

Buffalo Business First
Buffalo RisingBuffalo News


Tuesday October 12th
$6 donation

Landlord:members of Nana Grizol, Door Keys and Defiance, Ohio team up to write some catchy pop punk songs, definitely for fans of the three mentioned.
NOTE! not to be confused with landlords who played the inerds/coworkers record release show

Post Mouth “Buffalo Fuck Rock Sensation” Post Mouth is post Meth Mouth, simple right?

The Socialites: A slightly stripped down version of what you might be used to from this long standing Buffalo band