Sugar City is going to be at the Allentown West Festival!

Saturday and Sunday 10-6PM we will be setup outside Sugar City selling new t-shirts, buttons, cupcakes, lemonade and dispensing cool info. Inside the space you can get respite from the heat, use a real bathroom, check out our current artshow APEX: Abstract Paintings by Felice Koening and A D Donovan, and take part in our swap. We will be trading clothes books, records whatever you want to bring all weekend. Stop by if it’s been awhile-things are always changing at the space.

Friday at 7PM-9PM we will be screen printing new t-shirts, making lemonade, frosting cupcakes, and collecting donations for the swap if you’d like to stop by before the mayhem or lend a helping hand.

Wednesday June 9th

Wednesday June 9th

Ann has been scheming away and decided to try and turn this into a big old fashioned party! That’s why we have special guests
THE STAY LOWS playing a set!
This will be their last show until September, so catch them while you can or else it’ll be a loooong summer (no no, like in a bad way).

They will be going on at 9.

That’s right, we’re having a potluck, because a potluck is like swapping food, right? Invite all your friends! The potluck and the swap can be mutually exclusive, i.e. you can come for the food and you don’t HAVE to make a craft. Some heads up on what kind of food you’re bringing (snack, entree, dessert) would be nice so I can compensate for stuff we might be missing, please label your food as to whether or not it’s vegan/veg friendly. Drinks are also welcome if you’re not really a cook but remember: NO ALCOHOL ON SUGAR CITY PREMISES.

WILDCRAFT: No theme craft! Make whatever you want! The supplies I have in stock are mostly for paper craft, so if you have something else in mind, bring the goods.
< /br>
-There’s a theme craft for each meeting. YOU will make this theme craft for another person at this meeting
-We draw names to see who gets who. It’s up to you if you want to keep it a secret (it’s funner if you do).
-Crafts are started one meeting, then you have the next three weeks to work on them on your own time. THEN they’re swapped at the beginning of the next meeting.
-I provide the supplies, the treats and the music.

1.) Ideas for future crafts
2.) Snacks to share
3.) Crafting supplies (if you’ve got them)

This event is totally free but donations are encouraged!


Friday June 4th

APEX: Abstract paintings by A D Donovan and Felice Koenig
June 3 – June 14 2010
Opening Friday, June 4, 2010

A D Donovan and Felice Koenig are two very different abstract painters, but choose to show together in the belief that when their work is installed in the same space an enriched dialogue is created. This dialogue is imbued with subtlety and much like a dialogue between friends. There is a lyrical quality created in the space between the patient nature of Donovan’s work and the kinetic energy of Koenig’s work. This lyrical quality is like the cadence of a poem or the music created with two very different instruments — Donovan’s instrument being the bell and Koenig’s instrument being a xylophone.

As part of Allentown First Friday Gallery Walk

Monday 5.17

Sugar City presents a free screening of Dziga Vertov’s legendary 1929 Soviet film “Man With A Movie Camera”, widely regarded as one of the most revolutionary and inventive films ever made, in a rarely-screened version featuring an original soundtrack by electronica/jazz artists The Cinematic Orchestra.

Vertov’s film features some of the most inventive camera and editing work ever seen on a movie screen, taking viewers on a surreal odyssey through a day in the life of a modern Soviet city. Its technical and stylistic innovations were nothing short of revolutionary when it was released, and it still has a deep influence more than 80 years later, as fans of everything from the metafictional films of Charlie Kaufman to epic documentaries like “Koyaanisqatsi” will see.

For audiences weaned on long, plodding silent epics, “Man With A Movie Camera” was unlike anything ever seen before. “In 1929, the year it was released,” writes Roger Ebert, “films had an average shot length (ASL) of 11.2 seconds. Man With A Movie Camera had an ASL of 2.3 seconds. The ASL of Michael Bay’s Armageddon was 2.3 seconds.” Vertov famously attached his cameras to trains, streetcars, and motorcycles, swung on ropes over waterfalls and basically went anywhere and everywhere in a modern city where a motion picture camera could fit.

Combined with these visual innovations was Vertov’s pioneering use of postmodern montage techniques. At various points we see the titular cameraman filming the scenes that we’re watching, an editor splicing together the raw footage of the film, and an audience watching the movie itself. Raw footage comes to “life”, and vice versa. The boundaries between reality and cinema become fluid as the audience travels back and forth through the screen, experiencing every level of the filmmaking process at once. In many ways, “Man With A Movie” Camera is a film about a film about a film.

Even by today’s standards Vertov’s film holds up as a spectacular experiment in pushing cinema’s boundaries to their limits, inventing an entirely new style of modern cinema, one that still dominates our films and television today. In many ways, when it comes to film as we know it, “Man With A Movie Camera” film started it all.

As always, come early for free popcorn and refreshments!

Friday 5.14


WORMEATERS (Brutal New Jersey Hardcore on Sorry State)

CORPUS DEI (Mike Euscher’s Farewell Show)

INERDS (They’ll stir yerz.)

THA DA HYPE (New Post-Hardcore Misanthropy)

STARTS @ 6PM. $5 donation


Film 101 and Video 217 students from the Department of Media Study at the University at Buffalo will be presenting a FREE exhibition and screening of film and video art Thursday, April 22nd @ Sugar City.

The VIDEO VS FILM extravaganza will feature video installations and a screening comprised of individual and collaborative works by students. This exhibition is made possible through the generous support of the Department of Media Study, UB and Sugar City.

Featuring work by:

Derek Caputi
Samuel Avery
Christine Cortes
Jillian Bliss
Adam Danishefsky
Colin Brennan
Shiri Kester
Tina Chang
Tal Kissos
Kevin Gratien
Erica Ladd
Jayson Johnson
Mike Martinez
Nicholas Meyer
Brittnay Maxon
Matthew Minotti
Rodney Montgomery
Conor O’Donnell
Lisa Papke
Anthony Peacock
Mollie Riester
Clarence Seneca
Xavier Riley
Kyle Toth
Carl Ross
Travis Tynan
John Rusk
Robert Van Valin
John Scherer
Jieying Yan
Jon Shapiro
Kirk Stevens
Lukas Weinstein

Thursday, April 22, 2010
Exhibition: 7 – 10:00PM
Screening: 8 PM
Sugar City
19 Wadsworth St
Buffalo, New York 14201


Sugar City’s ongoing series of free film screenings is taking a trip to the grindhouse in a night celebrating the sickest, sleaziest, and just plain weirdest film trailers of all time. On Monday April 19th at 8:00pm, Sugar City will have the dubious honor of presenting: “Trailer Trash: The Weirdest and Wildest Vintage Film Trailers Ever Made”. The screening will be free and open to the public, and as always audience members are encouraged to come early to enjoy free popcorn and refreshments.

Join us at Sugar City as we turn back the clock to a more innocent time, a time when giants like Ed Wood, Roger Corman, Russ Meyer, Charles B Pierce, and Herschel Gordon Lewis strode the earth, cranking out the sickest garbage they could think of for as cheap as possible; a time when every blockbuster had at least a dozen Z-grade knockoffs trailing behind it; a time when cinema was unafraid to deal with the toughest questions of the era, like “What really goes on behind the doors of an all-girl reform school?”, “Did Sylvester Stallone really do a porn film?”, and “If a Hells Angel got turned into a werewolf, could he still ride a motorcycle?” All these questions and more will be answered when Sugar City takes you to the wrong side of the Film History tracks with “Trailer Trash”.

All of the essential genres will be represented, including: 50’s “Giant something-or-other” creature features, biker movies, blacksploitation, nunsploitation, drugsploitation, ultra-bloody drive-in horror, mod 60s sci-fi, blatant ripoffs of popular blockbusters, sex change flicks, cheap pornos masquerading as high-class arthouse fare, z-grade gladiator pictures, and ill-advised genre mashups that should never have been made. Movie fans can expect to get a glimpse of everything from evergreen classics like ROBOT MONSTER and GLEN OR GLENDA, to midnight movies like SHOGUN ASSASSIN and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, to unclassifiable weirdness like WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS, THE TRIP, and Russ Meyer’s SUPER VIXENS.

So come on out to Buffalo’s favorite multi-use culture spot for an evening of cinema you’ll never forget (however much you may want to). It’s all the fun of an evening at your favorite grindhouse theatre, without having to contend with dirty needles, cigar smoke, and creepy dudes in trenchcoats.

(It should go without saying that sensitive audience members are warned to expect nudity, violence, drug use, and brief glimpses of Ernest Borgnine.)

friday 4.16

w/ Col Parmisan (Rochester)
and Malaria Control
Sugar city 19 Wadsworth St Buffalo, ny
$ 5 donation

These performances will feature Mark Trecka and Elizabeth Remis, both of Pillars and Tongues, performing material both within and outside of the Pillars canon.

Pillars and Tongues is a trio based in Chicago, IL, whose musical pursuits seem to defy genre categorization. Speaking literally, the trio makes extended use of the human voice, violin, double bass, drums, bells and organs. The music is perhaps distinctly American in both its affair with American forms and its refusal to adhere to them at all. In the past two years, the group has released a handful of limited recordings on several American boutique labels, as well as more extensive releases with San Francisco’s Empty Cellar and Chicago’s Contraphonic labels. Additionally, their unique style has been tapped via: a stint supporting Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy throughout Canada and the west coast; prominent participation in the last two records by Joan of Arc; and a variety of performances with the likes of The Cairo Gang, Dirty Three, Daniel Higgs, Sir Richard Bishop, and many others. Pillars and Tongues has performed over 250 concerts in the past two years, touring extensively throughout the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

-Last month’s Pitchfork review of the newest Pillars and Tongues release: http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/14016-lay-of-pilgrim-park/

Elephant Micah
Kentuckiana’s ELEPHANT MICAH has been practicing the fine art of flying under the radar for almost a decade now. In the middle 2000s, along string of home-fi folk rock albums (released by BlueSanct Records and Time-Lag Records) earned the band praise from avant-music mag The Wire and overseas gigs with Jason Molina’s Magnolia Electric Company. In 2010, ELEPHANT MICAH returns with a major CD/LP release on Time-Lag Recordsand its first American tour in five years. ELEPHANT MICAH is the name of a music collective led by musician Joe O’Connell. In addition, he has released work on his own LRRC (Luddite Rural Recording Cooperative), which has also released work from collaborators Justin Vollmar and Jason Henn.