To promote his latest book of poetry, Following Ghosts Upriver, area writer Marc Pietrzykowski will have book launches in Rochester, NY, on Feb 12th at Lux Lounge, and in Buffalo, NY, on Feb 19th at Sugar City. Both events will feature poetry reading and musical performance, as well as books for sale and signature by the author.

Following Ghosts Upriver is Marc’s third book of poetry, and it will be released on January 25th, by the Main Street Rag Publishing Company, Charlotte, NC. (www.mainstreetrag.com)

Feb 19th: Book Launch at Sugar City, 19 Wadsworth St., Buffalo, NY. Music by Adam Keaton at 7 pm., Music and Poetry by Marc Pietrzykowski thereafter. All performances will be bakery fresh.

Here are some things people said about Marc’s first two books:
…Pietrzykowski not only transcends his own voice, but he also transcends the themes of socioeconomics and class in
which he seems so interested. His speaker arches outside of himself into Americanness and toward humanness […]
what makes these moments of transcendence so spectacular is their surprising subtlety.
–P.J. Gallo, Cold Front Magazine

…if you like to read things that make you stop and think, this would be a good volume to add to your library.
–David Blaine, Outsider Writer’s Collective

…a good strong book… well worth reading, and it will make you thankful for such love as you’ve got.
–Jamey Hecht, Rattle

You can visit Marc virtually at www.marcpski.com, buy his other books from www.zeitgeist-press.com and www.blazevox.org, and download music from various pseudonymous entities at www.fubarbundy.org.


Soul Night: Shake Your Hips & Meet Some Lips
Friday February 18 10PM-until they kick us out again
Elmwood Lounge 522 Elmwood Ave.
$5 donation towards keeping Sugar City sweet.

Sets by:
The Good Reverend Johnny Drama
Handsome Dan (of Mallwalkers and Sugar City)
Frankie Rainbows
and special guest DJango (Steve Olsen a.k.a Hip n Cool)

Baby give it up or turn it a loose! Sugar City is bringing you all you need to make it through another Buffalo winter night. Let’s sweat like its the middle of July.
There will kissing and hugging and holding you tight. This event is a fundraiser for remember we’re all sensitive people, with so much to give. Understand me, sugar, since we got to be, let’s live!

Facebook EventAll photos used in memorial of Milton Rogovin.
Photos from December’s Soul Night by Jessica Ahrens.

****If you will be at Spiral Scratch show or Jack Topht & The Vegetables Awesome Show keep an eye out for $1 off fliers to entice booty on to the dance floor. em>

canceled 2.6


Sunday February 6th 7:30PM | $5 donation
1985 (Seattle, WA)
Autococoon (Olympia, WA)
Repeater (Martin Freeman Solo Buffalo, NY) http://www.myspace.com/repeatertunes
Joshua Lee Almendinger Solo (Buffalo, NY)

Join us for a good old Sunday solidarity show. Our pals have been travelin the greyhound lines to visit Buffalo to treat your ears and your hearts & mind. Locals pals Repeater will drone you out and Joshua Lee Almendinger will run your imagination wild.

1985 (Matt Fu) and autococoon (Caitlin Payne Roberts) are heading out across america on a winter greyhound tour from Dec 27th till Feb 19th!

This tour is to benefit Caitlin’s efforts with the Honduras Accompaniment Project, which is comprised of international human rights witnesses who live side-by-side with Honduran activists who have been threatened for speaking out against the oppressive post-coup regime.
Find out more about HAP: http://www.friendshipamericas.org/honduras

http://masarecords.bandcamp.com/ (free songs!)
Matt Fu (of the band 1985, featuring members of iji, mega bog, sundance kids) is along with Caitlin on tour, playing his solo sets as 1985. 1985 is pronounced unifying theories and songs are of the wisdom of the universe, lux etern & bravery. Most of his songs are politically charged and tell the stories of the conflict between malicious powers and the power of the human spirit, for example, songs about the Israeli-Palestine conflict and the futility of our current government.

Autococoon (Olympia)
“Autococoon is born out of the walls of bedrooms and canyons, streams running through lava tubes, and a relentless spirit. These are songs with lyrics springing forth from our collective unconscious, and music wrought with deliberate placement, though surrendering to the songs’ intentions when called for. Autococoon is Caitlin Payne Roberts, California born but raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, who plays guitar, keyboard, vocals (in English, Welsh, and Spanish), and occasionally mandolin and auxiliary percussion such as the hula hoop.”

The same forces which are challenging the freedom of citizens in Latin America are the forces which United States citizens are facing. Caitlin Payne Roberts, who performs as autococoon, intends to stand with the people of Honduras against the oppression which we are all fighting against, through the Honduras Accompaniment Project. She is touring via a 60-day Greyhound Discovery Pass from her family holiday getaway in southeastern Pennsylvania out to San Francisco, where she will participate in a weeklong accompaniment training, then proceed around the periphery of the States with 1985. Caitlin is sponsored by Media Island International of Olympia, WA, and is touring to raise funds for her solidarity work, which will begin in late February.

The citizens of Honduras are electrified in dissent against 2009’s illegal coup d’êtat. In response to this steadfast rebellion, the military along with private stakeholders in neocolonialist interests are threatening and killing Hondurans who stand in opposition to the coup – with impunity. The resistance front in Honduras calls for international solidarity activists to live with organizers of the opposition. This sort of nonviolent action is known as accompaniment, and its purpose is to prevent the use of violent action against Hondurans. Caitlin, sponsored by Media Island International of Olympia, WA, and the Latin American Solidarity Organization of the Evergreen State College, will be traveling to Honduras in mid-February to work with the Honduras Accompaniment Project. She will be a member of a team providing solidarity with Honduran peace activists and will engage in media activism. The same forces which are challenging the freedom of citizens in Latin America are the forces which United States citizens are facing. Caitlin intends to stand with the people of Honduras against the oppression that we are all fighting against. The purpose of the Autococoon/1985 Winter Tour of 2010 is to raise funds for this effort.

Some stuff to read…
High Stakes for Honduras
Honduras and Washington: A Few Contradiction
Honduran Coup — Made in Washington
Obama and Latin America: The First Six Months


Monday 1.31 7PM $5 donation
Marc Pinasky
Patrick St Johnson
Roger Bryan and the Orphans

Come join us at Sugar City on Monday 1.31 for a warm and cozy American Music show with:

Marc Pinansky (http://www.myspace.com/marcpinansky)
/// Marc is the lead singer/guitarist for the Boston band Township who have performed for Buffalonians twice in the recent past. He also fronted Runner & The Thermodynamics, played keys and guitar for Tulsa, and drums for Mikey French Fries. Some of his weirder musical accomplishments include… writing and performing commercials for McDonald’s and Marlboro, and writing an album this past spring with The Epping Middle School 8th Grade. Over the past year, he’s released two solo EP’s and also supported Damien Jurado, David Bazan, Ryan Bingham, Johnny Flynn, Matt Costa, Tim Kasher and more.

Patrick St. Johnson (http://www.myspace.com/patrickstjohnson)
///Patrick is the embodiment of the real heart & soul that is the local music scene. Currently Patrick is plucking the upright bass for Reverend Soapbox and the Rabble Rousers. The sight and sound of Patrick just makes you want to smile. We will be treated to a special solo set.

Roger Bryan and the Orphans (http://www.myspace.com/rogerbryan)
///Roger has long been a favorite and one of the hardest working local musicians. Buffalo News just called him our own Jeff Tweedy. We are really excited to have the whole band along for this show!

This is sure to be a delightful evening. There will be tea and cocoa and we can all sit with our legs crossed all comfy like on the freshly vacuumed carpet.


Saturday January 29th | 7PM
The 9th Annual Winter Vegan Chili Cook off!

Bring one pot of your best vegan chili to win a prizes. Last year I believe it was $20 to Amy’s Place and an Amy’s place t-shirt for first and a $20 to Spiral Scratch for second. See if you can beat three time champ Glenn Szymanski.

This event s free and you do not have to bring chili to come. Just show up, eat food and hang out.


Call for Work!
Title: Down the Road
Deadline: Feb 1
Media: Photo and Video

Sugar City is organizing a multi-media gallery show highlighting the efforts of Buffalo’s hardest working bands that hit the road and play their tunes for the greater masses. In the Sugar City spirit of doing it together we hope this show will not only serve as a source of inspiration for new up and coming bands but also as a conversation starter to share resources and experiences. The title comes from Pacific NW garage rock-band Dead Moon, who exhibit the DIY punk aesthetic we hold dear.

We are looking for photo and video submissions of Buffalo bands that have gone on tour (any amount of time & anywhere) We hope to get many different genres of music together. We are hoping to a mass a large photo series and have a video display of live performances.

Media can be of bands playing or bands just having fun on their travels. The gallery show will culminate with a concert featuring 4 of the bands featured in the show. Submission are due by February 1st.

Please email buffalosugarcity@gmail.com if interested. If sending photos or videos please label with band name, date, venue and city. Photos will be printed as standard 4×6 on glossy paper. There are hopes to also compile photos as a zine.