RESIST CONTROL-(new 7″ coming soon!)
CIVIL VICTIM (from Germany)- http://www.myspace.com/civilvictim
ANAL WARHEAD-(from Albany on tour with Civil Victim)
CANADIAN RIFLE-(from Chicago)
HUMAN TOUCH-(new Buffalo jams!)

Thursday Sept 9
$6 donation show starts at 6PM.
Please continue to support international music!


Wednesday Sept 8 7:30pm FREE FREE FREE!

For one night only, Sugar City will be hosting our very own 2nd annual ZAIREEKA LISTENING PARTY! Last year’s was such a blast, we’ve decided to do it again and go bigger, better and weirder than ever.

For those who don’t know, ZAIREEKA is a legendary 1997 album by The Flaming Lips which consists of 4 separate CDs meant to be played simultaneously. The result is unlike anything else ever …recorded. The only way to hear it is to gather together a bunch of friends and sound systems and make an event out of it. Due to differences in sound sources, the room it’s played in, and timing (CD players don’t play perfectly in sync with each other), ZAIREEKA is a totally unique event every time it’s played, and can only be experienced in person. The compositions are some of the strangest and most experimental the Lips have ever recorded: drum solos that swirl 360 degrees around you, orchestras that crescendo in a druggy cacophony, swarms of insects and jet engines come at you from six different directions until they merge into an explosive guitar solo. It’s an overwhelming cloud of sound that fills the room and surrounds you from all sides. Be ready for some of the strangest and most unique music you’ve ever heard. Fans of their return to weirdness with their most recent album EMBRYONIC will especially enjoy it.

We’ve got some extra surprises to make this year’s event even more fun, too. First of all, we’ll be raffling off a basket of Lips-related goodies that will include Mark Richardson’s book about the album from the “33 1/3” series, as well as some rare Lips vinyl! (Also, as always, costumes are encouraged, and we’ll be giving out prizes for those, too.)

But most exciting, we’ll be featuring ZAIREEKA’s elusive 5th disc, which is a rare disc of new music the Flaming Lips recorded for ZARIEEKA’s 10th anniversary in 2007 and distributed in an extremely limited edition for Record Store Day. We’ve got a copy and will be playing it at Sugar City for this event, so even if you’ve heard Zaireeka before, you’ve never heard it like this. Not just 4, but 5 fabulously freaky CDs playing through 10 speakers in mindbending decaphonic sound!

So put on a costume, grab some friends, flashlights, and boomboxes and
come enjoy some of the most unique rock music ever recorded in a space filled with Christmas lights, balloons, and psychedelic videos. It’ll be the closest thing to a Flaming Lips live show as you can get without Wayne Coyne rolling around in a giant space bubble. All for the low price of FREE!

Wednesday Sept 8 7:30pm FREE


Sunday September 05, 2010
Paul Baribeau -Charming Midwest acoustic tunes

Busman’s Holiday-In this day in age of copy cat music, they write songs you can’t quite put your finger on

Real People -Up beat folk influnced punk with a new record coming out soon.

6 pm
$6 donation


Sunday Soup
Sunday August 29 1-3PM
Email proposals to buffalosugarcity@gmail.com
Proposals are due Friday 8.27.
An event for everyone to get involved

This is our 6th edition of SUNDAY SOUP! Learn more about the soup movement:

Sunday Soup is sweeping the country. WE have sister soups in Brooklyn, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Portland, New Castle, Kiev and MORE! Buffalo’s Sunday Soup has raised over $1200 so far!

Sugar City will share delicious soup (vegan and vegetarian!) and other yummy accompaniments. You will generously donate $5 to the future winning artists. Then, while we eat and relax artists will present their projects. Sunday Soup goers will select one artist to receive the donations collected that night.

Soup grants provide funding for small projects and a free show/ing at Sugar City. Projects can be anything such as fine art, media art, cooking, sewing, producing an album, whatever you can imagine using your creativity and imagination and would not be funded by traditional sources. The grants are completely unrestricted and will be awarded at the discretion of the attendees at Sunday Soup.

Please send a short proposal and whatever other materials you deem appropriate to buffalosugarcity@gmail.com.

To be eligible to win a grant you must be in attendance and donate at the soup event. This event is as much about community building as supporting art making.

***PS let us know if you’d like to help prepare food or bring some treats!***

Sunday August 29 1-3PM
SPECIAL: at Pat Cain’s garden!
10th ST btwn Virginia and Carolina St
Sugar City 19 Wadsworth St will be the rain location

This will also showcase the past-winners retrospective on view in the Sugar City gallery.

Past Winners
-Tom Van Deusen “Rearing Your Tween”
-Madeleine Cutrona “Urban Biospy”
-Sugar City (in conjunction with a CEPA/InCubate residency) “Sunday Soup”
-Dietrich-Olivier Schulze “1,000Tamborines” and Jordan Dalton “Ecological Disaster Tour”
-Damian Weber “Moomins Redux”

This project was inspired by Chicago’s Incubate (http://www.incubate-chicago.org/) and is dedicated to the memory of Ben Schaafsma.


Thursday August 26th. 7PM sharp.
Generifus (Spencer Sult from Olympia, Washington)
with local support from:
Gregorian Knights
Pamela Swarts
Mike “Yes-Yes” Ersing h
$5 donation

If you are familiar at all with the Northwest, or more specifically- music from the Northwest, then you’ve probably heard of a little record label in Olympia, WA called K-Records. K-Recs, as they prefer to be called, has established itself as the Northwest’s home for challenging and off kilter folk. Sorting through their impressive catalog of past releases, you will not find the name Generifus, but in a couple years you just may.

Generifus is the folk project of Olympia’s Spencer Sult. Contrary to the monster of a family fable from which it garners it’s name, Sult’s Generifus is soft and hesitant, at times difficult, but very engaging. Sult brings a certain coy awkwardness to his life which fleshes out nicely in the delicate folk songs he plays [hear it on Phoning it In]. Above all Sult’s music is genuinely endearing.

In 2008, Sult released a full length entitled Solstice Songs. With the help of K-Recs recording artist Karl Blau, Solstice Songs found Sult a smart, maturing songwriter. It cemented his arrival to the Northwest folk scene while hinting at a brilliance to come. In April, Sult will release an EP entitled The Water From the Well on Kazu Nomura’s Half Yogurt Label. Decidedly more minimalistic, The Water From the Well finds Sult abandoning the studio for his bedroom and guitar — stripping his songs to the roots and letting them hang quivering in the air. Though, Solstice Songs was great, Sult is at his best with this more intimate form.”


< /br>

Dina Maccabee (San Francisco) in collaboration with Toby Summerfield (Chicago) a set of sad songs that rock.

Dina has worked with with Vetiver, Wilco, Carla Bozulich, Sufjan Stevens, The Cuts, Mars Arizona, Admiral Ted Brinkley (semi-retired), John Schott, Tin Hat Trio, Two Foot Yard, The Aurora Septet, Michael Musika, Donovan, and others.

…with special guests:
I Was The Scarecrow, pretty songs with rough edges
& Red Tag Rummage Sale. love songs on cello and guitar for modern times.
< /br>
Sunday August 15
$5 donation starts at 6pm, ends promptly at 10pm.

First Fridays 8.6

community installation introduction by Katrina Boemig
19 Wadsworth ST, Buffalo, NY 14201
For this performative installation I have invited my community outside of Buffalo to create an installation with local Buffalo collaborators. Boxes of material and instructions, mailed to Buffalo, will be stacked in the middle of the floor. Visitors to the gallery will open the boxes and interpret the written directions, collaborating with the people around them to create one installation.

The instructions and material will be left in the space to be edited as the exhibition continues.

Come to Sugar City to be a part of the construction/creative team that puts the installation together.

Aaron Anderson, Armando Raphael, Bucky Cox, Michelle Mersy, Carolyn Christ, Lila Freeman Dane Wilson. Bonnie Paisley, Jill Hannon,
Lee Ives, Ruthie Stringer, Gretl Glick, Jasen Johns, Gaia Cornwall, Nathan Bowser, Christopher Nakayama, Juliet Deneau, Michele Carole Hannon,
Gary Wiseman

With additional help from the proud people of Buffalo:
Caitlin Cass, Cayden Mak,Emma Repp,Alicia Paolucci, Ellen Rogers, Kristin Seeley,Heather Brand, Hyeyoung Shin, and you….
From 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Proudly participating in First Friday Gallery Walk