Time is ticking!

Sugar City presents Double Incidence, a camera obscura by Buffalo artist Mark McLoughlin. Using inexpensive materials, McLoughlin has created an ephemeral installation where soft light projects onto two
screens in the darkened gallery space.

Come and groove to the passing of (real) time at Sugar City, 19 Wadsworth, in Allentown.

TWO WEEKS LEFT- its best to view this when the sun is still out-come for a saturday afternoon adventure.
THUR June 4 6-8
SAT June 6 1-4
THUR June 11 6-8
FRI June 12 5:30-8
SAT June 13 1-4

read about it in the Buffalo News!


Sunday June 14 Sugar City presents Swap-O-Rama-Rama
Clothing Swap
Free Do-It-Yourself Workstations
1-4pm $3 donation with a bag of clothes $5 donation without.
Sugar City
19 Wadsworth St (in Allentown)

Bring any size bag of your unwanted clothes-swap them for something new and then get creative! At Swap-O-Rama-Rama you get access to everything from sewing machines to silk screens, and all the supplies and coaching you’ll need to make an amazing garment, a new tote or anything you can dream up.

Swap-O-Rama-Rama is a clothing swap and series of do-it-yourself workshops originally organized by Wendy Treymayne (http://swaporamarama.org) in which a community explores creative reuse through the recycling of used clothing.

When you attend the swap bring a bag of your unwanted clothing is possible and a small donation. Every swap begins with a giant collective pile of clothing, the unwanted clothing of all who attend. Everyone is welcome to dive in and find their next new/used items from the pile. Take as little or as much clothing from this pile as you like, it’s all free.

After you have chosen your new clothes slide on over to one of the sewing stations and attend a workshop. Learn to make modifications or totally transform your finds. Each swap features a variety of workshops by local artists who are there to share their sewing and modification secrets with you. All the materials you need to sew, embroider, bead, fix, repair, knit etc, are supplied.

IF YOU HAVE A SKILLS such as sewing, embroidery, knitting, screen-printing and other applicable abilities we would love to have you volunteer to help run this great event! Email us buffalosugarcity@gmail.com


Just to let everyone know we have had a series of meetings with city officials and are attempting to come to a conclusio to resolve our situation. we are continuing to bring you a series of special events including musical performances, the return of sunday soup, another endocrinology poetry night, featured artist work in our gallery and a series of new events. Thank you for all the positive support and hope to see you in the space soon!

Show Rescheduled!

Tuesday may 19th @ Mowhawks place

Afflictions (CT Fastcore)
members of Weed Blade, Dek Boo, Bagger Vance

Straight No Chaser (Rochester shredders)

Resist Control (Native Blasts)

Get faster. Get fukin stoked.
Doors @6
Show from 7-11:30

Current State of Sugar City

Press Release:

The current state of Sugar City

Sugar City has been pressured by city inspection officials to discontinue our live music programming and our Sunday Soup series. While waiting to receive an official letter of the allegations Sugar City has decided to suspend live music shows. In the spirit of transparency that our organization tries to uphold we wanted to send an official statement about the situation. We have found new locations for the next week of shows and are committed to honoring our preexisting bookings in some manner for as long as necessary. We are thankful that our project is well supported by the Buffalo community as a whole. As a result of our good nature and community building local music and art venues have stepped forward to give us support. Members of Sugar City are gathering information, speaking with attorneys, city officials and national organizations for all-ages spaces in preparation to counter the issues being raised. In the near future we may ask members of the Buffalo community to sign a petition and/or write letters of support to let the city know how important an alcohol/smoke free all-ages space is for the local music and art scene. You can email us any questions at buffalosugarcity@gmail.com

This show has been moved to Soundlab!


the return of Buffalo/Brooklyn noiseniks

the debut of ex-Bare Flames members new project

the return of dim-witted power noise unit

19 Wadsworth St
Buffalo, NY

7:00 PM doors // $5.00


*(Chase Middaugh of NOVELIST/TEETH SO SHARP, Bobby Griffiths of GUTTER MAGIC, Carl Pace aka BETA CLOUD, w/ special guest ALFRED BROWN) – first show since 10/07!


Tuesday May 5th- 8pm sharp. @ Sugar City

THE BREAD & PUPPET THEATER returns to Buffalo as The Lubberland National Dance Company in “27 Dirt-Cheap Dances,” a topical play for these trying times of economic crisis. Bread & Puppet’s itinerant Lubberlanders will enact problem-solving dances for our problems, collateral damage dances for victims, victory dances for victories, wedding dances for hostile populations and their rulers, funeral dances in response to the most recent wars of Lubberland, and total peace and harmony dances with no meaning whatsoever. Karl Marx makes a cameo appearance to duke it out with Uncle Money, and yeah, there will be giant puppets, the notorious Cheap Art Store, and maybe even some sourdough bread after the show.

WHY A DANCE COMPANY? In the 1950s Peter Schumann, Bread &; Puppet’s founder, moved from Germany to New York to work with Merce Cunningham’s modern dance troupe. Schumann was both a choreographer and a sculptor with an interest in reviving the avant-garde and folkloric arts that had been diminished in the Second World War. The merging of these forms laid the foundations for the Bread & Puppet Theater, whose puppets can be considered “choreographed sculpture” steeped in a tradition of experimental rusticism. After over 40 years of being known for his puppetry, Schumann has returned to his roots by forming The Lubberland Dance Company with a mixed group of dancers and non-dancers. So far the Lubberland Dances have only been seen in Vermont and New York City. This tour will bring more people to see and to perform Lubberland Dancers in cities and towns around North America.

Pat Kewley is Great.


Opening Reception April 26 @ 1:30 PM, Directly Before Sunday Soup

Reclusive local artist and crackpot Pat Kewley has been warming the cockles of Buffalo hearts for as long as anyone cares to remember. His childlike and heartwarming artwork has long been known for its singular effect on the warm, oozy areas inside people, where emotions and things live, as well as the itchy, flaky areas of people’s scalps and elbows, where the ancient Greeks believed Reason resides. It is in this nexus that the artwork of Pat Kewley makes its world. Also, there are robots.

Unlike so many, Pat Kewley has not shied away from the fantastic, controversial, and terrible in his artistic subjects, which have included fish who wear glasses, the legendary “architeuthis” squid of the Pacific rim, robots smashing flaming exploding zeppelins, and General Zachary Taylor, the only U.S. President who never voted.

Pat Kewley is honored to share the news that Buffalo’s brave and venerable Sugar City gallery will be displaying a gaggle of his illuminating original paintings of robots, animals, U.S. Presidents, and things that are not any of those first three things. Also on hand will be a number of serviceable minicomics, and his new nonfiction book “Notable Failures in Buffalo History”, whose title is self-explanatory and which has been described as “not pretentious at all”.

You’ve read the pundits. You’ve heard what your friends have to say. Before you make your final judgment, come on down and find out the truth for yourself. Pat Kewley is an aching man, so full of life and love. Won’t you let him share his love with you?



10 Baltimore artists are coming to Buffalo to perform
alongside 10+ Buffalonians.  This first incarnation of the B Be In
artist exchange program brings creative thinkers together for  2 days
and 2 nights of music, meals, performances, coffee, bike rides,
presentations, hospitality, and community.  Everyone is welcome, and
all events are free, but donations will be gratefully accepted. We
hope that this will be the first of many inter-city cultural Be-Ins!

The schedule of events is below:

Friday April 17, 8-11PM: Performances and videos at Sugar City, 19
Wadsworth Street, Buffalo.

aghost (b’more)
Aimee Buyea (b-lo) video
Al Larsen (b-lo)
Sullivan Sheehan (b-lo) with call and response robots
Rainbow Wreaths (b’more)
Mark Brown  (b’more) video
John the Gentleman (b-lo)
Wendy Carlos Williams (b-lo)
Zev (b-lo)

Saturday, April 18

5Pm @ Sugar City Coffee/Snacks and “Over, Up, Down, or Through?” A
Baltimore/Buffalo roundtable talk with Al Larsen and Melissa Moore.
9:30PM: Performances and video at Soundlab
Blackmoth (b-lo) videos
Russell Pascatore (b-lo)
Blue Leader (bmore) video/performance
Jack Topht & the Vegetables (b-lo)
Dream Neighbor (b’more)
Fashion Expo 1990 (b-lo)
Whispers for Wolves (b’more)
Bev Beverly (b-lo)
Tony Conrad (b-lo)

Sunday, April 19, 2-5PM: Talks and presentations and presents at Sugar City

Susie Huftless (b’more)) on Causal Relationships + how we are all going to die
Kyle Butler (b-lo) video
Kari Altmann (b’more)
Hermonie Williams (b’more) on Love vs. Noise
Pat Caine  +  Olivier = Nettles (b-lo)

This project was made possible by the SUNY Buffalo Graduate Student
Association and the DMS GSA.  Special thanks to Buffalo Blue Bicycle,
Sugar City, and Soundlab.