Open Mic Comedy Night!

Sugar City’s First Open Mike Comedy Night
Thursday October 29th at 7:30 pm

All are Welcome (novices, pros and voyeurs who just want to watch the fools
$3 donation (a $1 of which goes to the best act; so 50 people=$50)

So look bring your best sh** , knock ‘em dead and have some laughs. Stage time will depend on how many sign up. Let’s figure 5-7 minutes. Share the news. Tell your friends.

MC for the evening: Richard Cimbalo (

Saturday October 24th!


Get Involved

If you ever wanted to get involved with the space on any level this is the day for you!

ever wanted to book shows? get into shows for free? build stuff? curate an art show? do accounting? update website? cook yummy food? or just help out for fun? take your pick!

Sugar City will be saying bon voyage to some dear Sugar Citizens in the next month so we need YOU! Lets D-I-T (do it together!!11!!11!)

Saturday October 24th 2pm
19 Wadsworth ST Buffalo, NY

Goodbye Joe and Jenn :(

Friday 10/23 Goodbye Joe and Jenn – Not the Usual Suspects/Potluck/Swap-o-rama-rama/Pumpkin Carving 7pm 6-10pm $3 donation

On this night we will bid adieu to Sugar City founders Joe and Jenn Bochynski. We wish them a Bon Voyage with a frenzied night in their honor!!!!!!

Not the Usual Suspects/Potluck/Swap-o-rama-rama/Pumpkin Carving

Bring a dish if you wish (Joe and Jenn are vegan)
Bring some clothes to swap.
Bring your talent! (how can we top last month’s acid house, accordion, classical violin mayhem?)
We will have some pumpkins to carve!

More info on NTUS
get out your crayons, camera, notebook, drum machines or baking sheet! It’s time for the return of not the usual suspects!! Even if you aren’t an “artist” we hope you’ll consider creating something to contribute to the upcoming show.

not the usual suspects is a variety art show that aims to open up the Buffalo art scene to “artists” and participants who have not yet experienced the talent Buffalo has to offer. We hope to combine fresh, different, and original music, performances, poetry, comedy, readings, video/films, and still art together in one experience that will hopefully bring art and our community together. Share the art that you make for yourself: songs in your bedroom, doodles in your notebook, poems about your summer vacation, cookies for your friends.

email to participate. Basically each live-performer gets a 10min slot, non-live art gets table or wall space. we don’t promote who is featured as we like this event to be more of a happening that doesn’t separate performers from audience. We are all in it together!

Monday 10.26.2009 K Records Showcase LAKE, Karl Blau, Curious Mystery

Sugar City Presents:
K Record Showcase
Karl Blau
The Curious Mystery
Monday 10.26.2009
7pm sharp, show ends at 10pm $6 donation
Sugar City 19 Wadsworth Buffalo, NY 14201
Contact: or Brian Formo

Sugar City is so excited to host a K Records Showcase! We are very lucky to have 3 K Records bands performing in Buffalo on the same night! Sugar Citizen Aimee Buyea met LAKE and Karl Blau on a trip to the Pacific NW this July. They shared car rides, campfires, snacks, and sleepovers. Join us as we return the kindness for what will surely be an intimate encounter with these world class musicians.

K Records is an influential independent record label based in Olympia, Wa, operated by Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening, Dub Narcotic Sound System.) For almost 15 years K has been a hotbed for raising indie stars such as Bikini Kill, Mahjongg, Built to Spill, The Microphones / Mount Eerie , The Blow, Mirah and Kimya Dawson in addition to releasing the audio works of over 150 artists. K records’ artists have a strong tradition of supporting Do-It-Yourself all-ages venues.

Since forming in 2005, LAKE has recorded 12 full length albums. Their new album Let’s Build A Roof was produced by Northwest legend and tourmate Karl Blau. Their sound has been described as sweet, funky and nostalgic with a retro-jingly pop aesthetic that captures a childlike wonderment. The six member group creates a kaleidoscopic of sounds and harmonies. They have played across the world supporting such acts as Adrian Orange and Her Band, Half Handed Cloud, Laura Veirs, and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

Karl Blau is an indie rock and folk musician based in Anacortes, Wa. His music is eclectic, incorporating elements of folk, dub, R&B, bossa nova, grunge, hip hop, drone, and worldbeat. The common thread running through Blau’s records is a love felt for homegrown music. His passion has led him to produce many recordings in his backyard studio for an array of artists and the creation of a mail-order music subscription service called the “Kelp Lunacy Advanced Plagiarism Society.” For his latest release Zebra, Blau explored the frontiers of folklore, adding one instrument at a time (drum, guitar, bell, keys, saxophone, flute, piano) in an organic process of response to this confluence of sounds.

The Curious Mystery blends Sixties-style psychedelia with American country-blues and garage experimentalism. Formed in Seattle,Wa in 2005 their first album Rotting Slowly hit May 2009. The group places an emphasis on dense sonic texture and unorthodox song structures.


Tuesday 10/20 8pm

Who seduces an angel? Who strips in space? Who conveys love by hand? Who gives up the pill? Who takes sex to outer space? Who’s the girl of the 21st century? Who nearly dies of pleasure? See Barbarella do her thing!

Barbarella remains one of the most impressive, expansive, well-written and executed films in the history of the art form. It is truly a centerpiece of cinematic history. Jane Fonda plays the title role, an expert aviatrix who must travel to a far off planet to save the world from an evil invention by the even more evil Durand-Durand. Barbarella is faced with a stronger foe than she could have imagined and for some reason she just can’t manage to keep her clothes on. It’s orgasmic! The soundtrack is double orgasmic!!!

This is a free movie showing. Costumes are encouraged and donations will be welcome.


Dorkbot Returns!

Dorkbot: People Doing Strange Things With Electricity MORE INFO

Thursday October 8th, 2009 (7:30 pm)
Erik Conrad
Scott Ries
Luke Noonan

What is dorkbot, exactly?
Each dorkbot is different and is driven by the needs and interests of people in the local community. Generally, the main goals of dorkbot are: to create an informal, friendly environment in which people can talk about the work they’re doing and to foster discussion about that work; to help bring together people from different backgrounds who are interested in similar things; to give us all an opportunity to see the strange things our neighbors are doing with electricity. Dorkbot isn’t always a forum for formal talks or lectures, but can serve as a chance for diverse people to have friendly conversations about interesting ideas.

The purpose of dorkbot is to:
Give people doing strange things an opportunity for informal peer review, establish a forum for the presentation of new art works/technology/software/hardware, help establish relationships and foster collaboration between people with various backgrounds and interests, give us all a chance to see the cool things that our neighbors are working on. Dorkbot is (or tries to be) totally neutral in regard to style/genre/scene. An emphasis on the creative use of electricity is all that is required.

Examples of presentation topics:
* A demo of the new motion tracking software you’re writing.
* An explanation of how you hacked your game boy to get it to make cool bleeping noises.
* Showing off the new car PC you just built.
* Trouble shooting/brainstorming your remote-controlled sandwich.
* Making a robot.
* Discussing your technological philosophies.
* Bringing in some dancers you’re working with and having them demonstrate the interface used in your new mind-control ballet.
* Discussing your approach to electronic sculpture.

Demos of commercial software are not appropriate, unless you wrote the software or you are making it do something particularly novel or interesting. On the other hand, presenting a piece of artwork that was created using commercial software is fine.

Meeting Format:
Dorkbot meetings are rather informal. There are usually two or three presentations (about 20-30 minutes each) per meeting and sometimes very short “lightning” presentations from audience members. The specific format is up to each organizer to decide. One thing to keep in mind is that the dorkbot format works best for informal, conversational presentations on a particular work or topic, rather than formal talks or lectures on a body of work. 30 minutes isn’t much time, so focused presentations work best.

Next Meeting Thursday November 10th, 2009 (7:30 pm)