Tuesday 10/20 8pm

Who seduces an angel? Who strips in space? Who conveys love by hand? Who gives up the pill? Who takes sex to outer space? Who’s the girl of the 21st century? Who nearly dies of pleasure? See Barbarella do her thing!

Barbarella remains one of the most impressive, expansive, well-written and executed films in the history of the art form. It is truly a centerpiece of cinematic history. Jane Fonda plays the title role, an expert aviatrix who must travel to a far off planet to save the world from an evil invention by the even more evil Durand-Durand. Barbarella is faced with a stronger foe than she could have imagined and for some reason she just can’t manage to keep her clothes on. It’s orgasmic! The soundtrack is double orgasmic!!!

This is a free movie showing. Costumes are encouraged and donations will be welcome.


Dorkbot Returns!

Dorkbot: People Doing Strange Things With Electricity MORE INFO

Thursday October 8th, 2009 (7:30 pm)
Erik Conrad
Scott Ries
Luke Noonan

What is dorkbot, exactly?
Each dorkbot is different and is driven by the needs and interests of people in the local community. Generally, the main goals of dorkbot are: to create an informal, friendly environment in which people can talk about the work they’re doing and to foster discussion about that work; to help bring together people from different backgrounds who are interested in similar things; to give us all an opportunity to see the strange things our neighbors are doing with electricity. Dorkbot isn’t always a forum for formal talks or lectures, but can serve as a chance for diverse people to have friendly conversations about interesting ideas.

The purpose of dorkbot is to:
Give people doing strange things an opportunity for informal peer review, establish a forum for the presentation of new art works/technology/software/hardware, help establish relationships and foster collaboration between people with various backgrounds and interests, give us all a chance to see the cool things that our neighbors are working on. Dorkbot is (or tries to be) totally neutral in regard to style/genre/scene. An emphasis on the creative use of electricity is all that is required.

Examples of presentation topics:
* A demo of the new motion tracking software you’re writing.
* An explanation of how you hacked your game boy to get it to make cool bleeping noises.
* Showing off the new car PC you just built.
* Trouble shooting/brainstorming your remote-controlled sandwich.
* Making a robot.
* Discussing your technological philosophies.
* Bringing in some dancers you’re working with and having them demonstrate the interface used in your new mind-control ballet.
* Discussing your approach to electronic sculpture.

Demos of commercial software are not appropriate, unless you wrote the software or you are making it do something particularly novel or interesting. On the other hand, presenting a piece of artwork that was created using commercial software is fine.

Meeting Format:
Dorkbot meetings are rather informal. There are usually two or three presentations (about 20-30 minutes each) per meeting and sometimes very short “lightning” presentations from audience members. The specific format is up to each organizer to decide. One thing to keep in mind is that the dorkbot format works best for informal, conversational presentations on a particular work or topic, rather than formal talks or lectures on a body of work. 30 minutes isn’t much time, so focused presentations work best.

Next Meeting Thursday November 10th, 2009 (7:30 pm)

Volunteer Orientation

Get Involved
Sugar City is hosting its first VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION.

If you ever wanted to get involved with the space on any level this is the day for you!

ever wanted to book shows? get into shows for free? build stuff? curate an art show? do accounting? update website? cook yummy food? or just help out for fun? take your pick!

we will unveil our new Sugar City Manual which highlights our mission, history,structure and procedures and how you can get involved.

Sugar City will be saying bon votage to some dear Sugar Citizens in the next month so we need YOU! Lets D-I-Y (do it together!!11!!11!)

Saturday Spet 26th 2pm 19 Wadsworth ST Buffalo, NY


For one night only, Buffalo’s favorite artspace and multi-use funplex Sugar City invites you to their very own ZAIREEKA LISTENING PARTY. Experience the majestic psychedelic freakout that is the Flaming Lips’ legendary ZAIREEKA album as it was meant to be heard on Friday Sept 25 at 8pm at Sugar City (19 Wadsworth St).

For those who don’t know, ZAIREEKA is an experimental album by the Flaming Lips that consists of 4 separate CDs meant to be played simultaneously on four separate sound systems. The result is an album unlike any other ever recorded. Due to differences in timing (CD players do not play in perfect sync), sound sources, speaker arrangement, and different rooms, ZAIREEKA is never the same twice and can only be experienced in person. Orchestras crescendo behind you while swarms of insects whirl around on either side of you, until three synced-up drum solos emerge from six different directions, which then drift in and out of sync with each other. Be ready for some of the strangest and most unique music you’ve ever heard.

Due to the logistics of playing four CDs at once, ZAIREEKA is inherently a social listening experience that can only be heard properly by a group of people getting together and having fun. There will be Christmas lights, projections, and other surprises. So come hang out in Sugar City’s comfy space and freak out to the mindbending sounds of ZAIREEKA. The event is FREE, although as always Sugar City will be accepting donations for the generous use of their space and equipment. For best results, bring a boombox, a friend, a costume, a flashlight, and/or yer brain.

Also, stick around afterwards for a screening of Jeff Krulik’s hilarious cult documentary HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT (1986). One of the great rock movies of all time, HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT consists of 2 men, 1 video camera, and 20,000 tailgating Judas Priest fans who very much want you to know that punk sucks, Priest is the baddest, and metal will always rule.

Take a taste here:

It’s an unstoppable night of RAW ROCK ACTION. DO NOT MISS.


Sugar City
7pm $3
with Doe/Buck

Returning to the East Coast for the first time since last Christmas (Kimya Dawson’s Off the Sauce at Bowery Ballroom), indie-folk singer Malcolm Rollick treks gig to gig by bicycle. You can read about her epic pedaling from Portland, OR on blogspot ( The tour kicked off in Portland, OR on the 7th of March this year, passing through San Francisco, Southern Utah, Portland, ME and Boston along the way. Malcolm’s music carries the depth of Damien Rice, the edge of Mirah, and a character that is completely her own. The personality, honesty and power she brings to the stage are not to be missed. (Sugar City, Sept 18th, 6pm)

Friends at CEPA!

Friday 9.11 7pm-12am & Saturday 9.12 12-4pm: Come experience the
collaborative work of the innovators of Sunday Soup! Chicago’s
InCubate (Institute for Community Understanding Between Art and The
Everyday) As part of CEPA’s new exhibit Conversation Pieces. They are
also looking for helpers!

Chicago-based collectives InCUBATE (Institute for Community
Understanding Between Art and The Everyday) and Material Exchange,
together with architect Adam Bobbette, will temporarily transplant
themselves to Buffalo and collaborate with each other and local
non-profit Buffalo Re-Use to build out CEPA’s FLUX Gallery as an
evolving and performative installation called “Repair Shop.” The
Repair Shop will be realized through various projects each considering
the notion of repair broadly and metaphorically (an object repair
service, a temporary space for non-profit use, a soup kitchen that
generates money for artist projects) while working to raise funds that
will be distributed at a closing event in the form of an artist grant.
more info at

The Soup Grant program supports artist initiatives or community
projects and is funded by a series of meals where soup is served for
$5 a bowl. Soup grants provide funding for small to medium sized
projects that might not ordinarily find funding elsewhere. For the
installation at Conversation Pieces, the money raised by selling soup,
the money raised at the bar, and money made from facility rental will
be given as a grant. Anyone whose money contributed to the grant
will get to vote at the closing reception to decide its recipient. The
grant is completely unrestricted. Anyone living in Buffalo can apply
to receive a grant. Visitors to the exhibition will be encouraged to
submit their own proposals which will be posted in the space and
accumulate over the course of the exhibition.


InCUBATE is looking for artists, cooks, and anyone interested in
funding culture who would like to help us make soup during the opening
weekend of Conversation Pieces. Helping could mean anything from
chopping vegetables, washing some dishes, or contributing a recipe. We are looking for people to fill two soup helper shifts per hour (you
can sign-up for how many you want). If you would like to help out,
email us or contact CEPA Gallery:

Times (2 people needed per shift):
Friday September 11 (7-12 PM)
7 PM
8 PM
9 PM
10 PM
11 PM

Saturday September 12 (12-4 PM)
12 PM
1 PM
2 PM
3 PM

An Interactive Space for Families

On September 11th, 2009, Sugar City will host “An Interactive Space for Families”: an evening of contemporary art by Joesph Bochynski entitled, “New Suburban Landscapes” accompanied by performances by C. Frances Fallon and Tom Van Deusen.

Gallery Opening:New Suburban Landscapes Paintings by Joe Bochynski
“New Suburban Landscapes” features an insider’s perspective of the refuse of the American Dream complete with cars, strip-malls, dumpsters, and loading docks. These elements become symbols of the sentiments that dot the suburban mental landscape, and that Bochynski has internalized from experience: Sentiments such as irony, emptiness, contradiction, desire and frustration, simple ugliness and ridiculousness. The paintings reflect what one could see and feel when traversing the suburbs, but what one may not want to focus on in favor of tree-lined streets and a feeling of safety. This idealized environment for families often lacks real human interactions and promotes superficial community development.

Rearing your tween: parenting seminar by Tom Van Deusen. 7 PM.
Watch as artist TVD pontificates on a subject he knows absolutely nothing about: parenting. Assisted by an elaborate slideshow and soundtrack, every difficult and trying aspect of raising a child in their “tween” years is tackled, from dealing with bullies to the disgusting changes going on in their bodies. Advice is given that is darkly humorous if not permanently damaging.

You Know This Girl Presented by C. Frances Fallon. 8 PM.
A one woman comedy about the depths of shallowness. Come meet Courtney. She’s not a bad person, she’s just painfully familiar. Follow Courtney from Spanish class, to beer pong, to reality television audition tapes as she typifies an all too familiar American culture.

WARNING: “An Interactive Space for Families” contains adult material, language and partial nudity. Not suited for families.

Open hours: Fridays 6 to 8 PM, Saturdays 12 to 2 PM – and by appointment Sep. 11th to Oct. 2nd.